Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The amazing rap video Samy Naceri – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The enfant terrible of French cinema will be forgiven. “Ready for a fresh start,” the actor Taxi did not hesitate to chant his redemption on a hip-hop background, beret, in the woods. Not sure his slam published on the Web March 16 is the best effect …

“I made bullshit, we actually all, sometimes it splashes, foam and some that giggle … “drugs, insults, street fighting … it’s over.

Samy Naceri has grown up and wants to show it. In a video posted Wednesday March 16 actor to many legal troubles decided to forget the past. It appears pacified, rapping alongside his dog on a rocking chair between two bucolic scenes where wood fires and small tea bowls now punctuate his afternoon lonely.

Far from the ” beast “scene that had changed in recent years to the dark side of fame by making a variety of facts, Samy Naceri turned into Cub woods. The wet eye and the turmoil in the voice, the actor, 54, could almost get tears. One hesitates why ….

● Samy Hood

Entrenched on the borders of civilization, with single roof, her friend and the forest skies of late autumn, Samy Naceri contemplate Nature. Khaki jacket without bullets gun under his arm, the player wanders the marshland and on the trails clay. Nothing could disturb his tranquility in the heart of the France undergrowth. “I want to start over, to start afresh” repeats the actor, while shaving, shirtless, the hard front of his fisherman’s hut. Washed his sins precisely Samy Naceri begins his new life, almost Christlike, ready to eat leaves rather than to use his fists.

● A hunter-hunted chasing his dark past

directed in her new video A second chance , Samy Naceri wants to say goodbye to their past bad boy. “What is done is done. The harm I’ve done, I’m sorry, “argues he’s pleading look, cut between two videos of lone wolves and rides filmed in slow motion with his labrador. More than ever punished by life, the actor, martyr, wants to convince us. Because as he puts it: “One day or another, the wheel turns, life goes, time flies and when it turns around, it’s too late. It’s too far, it’s already tomorrow and yesterday what we did, this is already the past, “

● A” ashy galinette “lost in a pub Royal Canin

beret screwed on the head and rubber boots taped feet, Samy Naceri seems replay despite his sketch of the Nameless. Shot shot close-ups of her beautiful blue eyes and slow when it starts to shake in front of a deer, the actor causes the tight smile and shrug of the shoulders pained. sneak one thinks of the song The Hunter of the late Michel Delpech. Then, a moment later, it changed his mind. Unintentionally comic, Samy Naceri seems plunged in the heart of the famous Royal Canin pub with her dog, running on an Ennio Morricone music alongside his beautiful animal with silky hair.

● Samy Naceri a phoenix is ​​breathtaking

Despite this vibrant portrait and nod to his past Taxi , the phoenix these woods do not really convince. Shared between the touching aspect of video and undoubtedly his silly side, Internet users have quickly evaded the return of the “artist”. Posted a few hours, the clip has generated somewhat moderate enthusiasm greeted with a majority of negative inches. Apparently the change Samy Naceri, it’s not for now …


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