Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bern, Baffie, Nagui … all regret Jean-Pierre Coffe – The Point

The whimsical Jean-Pierre Coffe died. The food columnist has died at the age of 78, after fighting against the food on all TV sets for almost thirty years. regular guest of the mainstream media, Coffe was loved by the general public for his outspokenness and his rants, who never hesitated to speak his mind, as in this output remained famous: “This is the shit. “Since Wednesday morning, politicians, artists, actors and public figures make their last respects.

Laurent Baffie, humorist

Stéphane Bern, journalist and radio host

Anne Roumanoff “Epicurean in sharp humor”

François Hollande. ” a good living “

” Jean-Pierre Coffe was a good living and had the desire to share with friends and the French pleasure meetings and flavors, “wrote the president in a statement . “Jean-Pierre Coffe helped restore our gastronomy all its prestige, but also all its simplicity. He wanted to put to everyone. I extend to his family and to his family my sincere condolences and expresses them my solidarity, “adds François Hollande

Philippe Vigier, President of IDU group in the National Assembly


Michel Denisot, host and producer

This is Michel Denisot who had discovered in 1984, opening up the doors of Canal +. “This is someone who embodied the joy of life and pleasure of quite incomparable life, said Michel Denisot on Europe 1. He was an actor. He had something more: the taste and passion of good things, and he played beautifully. It was a real show every time. (…) With him we had fun a lot and pushed him a bit far at times. “

Nagui, animator

Laurent Ruquier, host and producer

Jean-Pierre Coffe” wanted to leave discreetly, it was his will, has Laurent Ruquier said on RTL. Obviously, the information leaked as always. It missed, I want to say, because in any case, discretion and Jean-Pierre Coffe, is two things that do not really go together. ” “Twenty years I know Jean-Pierre Coffe! I traveled with Jean-Pierre, he had never seen Venice and asked me to take her to Venice, added Laurent Ruquier. That’s what I did with Philippe Geluck, part of his family, his intimate, even more than me. Jean Teulé as to who I think also and Miou-Miou who met one another and, in Jean-Pierre Coffe, with Jean-Pierre. These are the people who are part of his family and his private life. “

Anne Hidalgo, Socialist Mayor of Paris


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