Sunday, March 20, 2016

Puy du Fou. England claims the ring of Joan of Arc – Ouest-France

And a new twist, a! The saga of Joan of Arc ring will definitely play in several episodes and with a sense of suspense for more than three weeks.

This Sunday, on the occasion of the public presentation of this ring bought at an auction in London on 26 February – nearly € 377,000 – several thousand people had found their way into the courtyard of the Puy du Fou

and this is Philippe de Villiers, conscious. its effect, which has dampened enthusiasm for his speech. “A new element comes to us from the UK. The British government sent our lawyer unprecedented demand: the return to the ring in London “ . amazement and bronca. “We are told that the National Arts Council (The Arts council of England, great cultural authority, Ed) considers that this object is probably part, quote, high national symbolic value of objects that as such, it should be subject to special legislation. “

” Puy du Fou exit “ In this application, the Puy du Fou should have to go through to obtain an export license, under a European regulation. “We checked the famous regulation continues Philippe de Villiers. He said that cultural goods are subject to an export license if they cross the borders of the European Union. In the spirit of English, so there is a “Puy du Fou exit “, which would mean that we would be out of the European union. It is not our intention at all. “

” For the rest, it’s too late Le Puy du Fou, which is preparing a big show in the northeast of England, the first of which will start in July, ensures not want to get angry with the subjects of His Majesty. ” We will bring our response to the English government tomorrow. “ But no question as to make the ring. ” English gentlemen, if you want to see the ring, welcome to the Puy du Fou concludes Philippe de Villiers, in English in the text. for the rest, it’s too late.

the reaction Nicolas de Villiers, President of the Puy du Fou (video)


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