Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Death of Jean-Pierre Coffe: television and radio pay homage – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Michel Drucker, Catherine and Laurent Ceylac Ruquier disrupt the programming of their show to salute the memory of the food critic died at the age of 78 years .

After the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Coffe at the age of 78 years, the media pay homage. Saturday morning on France 2, Catherine Ceylac rebroadcast his last interview with the food critic in Tea or Coffee . On the same channel the next day Michel Drucker will devote a special issue of Highly Sunday to one who was the chronicler of the program.

Highly diman che Special

The presenter and former columnists will pay tribute to Jean-Pierre Coffe, who collaborated for eight years from 2003 to his Sunday broadcasts. So at 14:15, it will broadcast the highlights of Highly Sunday which the cook-writer participated (three times in eight years). Then at 18:50 V ively next Sunday, we will find the best interventions around gastronomy and gardening columnist this high color. His friends of the time as Gelluck Philippe, Laurent Gerra, Claude Sérillon, Faustine Bollaert, Pierre Benichou … will be also there to discuss this passionate character revealed to TV Michel Denisot on Canal + in 1984.

Canal +

on his side on Canal +, Daphne Bürki decided to convene New Edition Florian Gazan, Miss Agnes and Eric Roux, members of the Big Family . Aired between 1990 and 1997 on Canal + and presented by Michel Denisot and Jean-Luc Delarue , this program included among its columnists, Jean-Pierre Coffe.

Emissions homage of Big Heads

Finally, RTL will pay tribute to one of its most outstanding members in the Big Heads . From 16h, Wednesday, and for two hours, Laurent Ruquier will honor the memory of his friend, which he confirmed the death on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. During this program “tribute”, recorded on Wednesday morning, the Big Heads will call many celebrities who rubbed shoulders with the truculent food columnist for fun, not without emotion, one last time.

“We will honor him today to Big Heads ” explained Laurent Ruquier during the morning radio rue Bayard. “I already knew yesterday that Jean-Pierre had left us. He wanted to leave discreetly were his last wishes. Obviously, the information leaked as always. It missed, I want to say because anyway, discretion and Jean-Pierre Coffe, it’s two things that were not really together so I had a lot of doubt as it may stay secret for so long. But already yesterday, while we were the issue, Philippe Geluck and I already knew that Jean-Pierre was no longer with us. And today, we will issue knowing it, still, he is not here, but making him a tribute, “said the leader.

“He wanted to leave without anyone gets too”

“Maybe he would not have wanted this tribute, because really, he wanted to leave without that ‘we do too. This is curious because it is the opposite. It missed, I even wanted to laugh because I must say, I find it almost comical the fact that he wanted to leave quietly while it is not him that much, overall of his career, “smiles Laurent Ruquier , which recalls that he worked for twenty years with Jean-Pierre Coffe.

Also Thursday, the Big Heads will continue their tribute to their departed friend: it will be this time of the issue carried around the highlights of Jean-Pierre Coffe, punctuated by his favorites … and his rants, obviously.


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