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Death of Zaha Hadid, the architect made lioness – The World

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The architect Zaha Hadid in March 2004.

The Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid died Thursday, March 31 in Miami, suffered a heart attack. She was hospitalized for bronchitis. Zaha Hadid was sixty five years, and after many other honors, she received the gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). “Zaha Hadid is a formidable and influential force in the world in terms of architecture” , stressed then Jane Duncan, president of RIBA, describing his work as “extremely experimental, rigorous and demanding.”

After being imposed around the world, called to build on all continents, she lived a difficult period. First woman and first Muslim woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2004, she had just been readjusted to its Olympic Stadium project in Tokyo. Real star, she was closely followed by the media. She had done so hotly attacks for statements she allegedly made to the dead workers on construction sites launched for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The project of Zaha Hadid for the Olympic Stadium of Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

pop-star status

Born in 1950 in Baghdad, Iraq, education would have to was initially entrusted to French nuns which hardly shone, nor in its use of the language of Molière or in the whimsical and fantastic career woman to the status of pop star at Fellini physics, dark voice and hot. In 1960, his father Muhammad Hadid, wealthy industrialist and liberal politician, sent to Switzerland with his two brothers. Hence it off again soon to begin studying mathematics in Beirut. How then imagine that a woman can become an architect? The idea is not incongruous to the prestigious school of the Architectural Association (AA) in London, “Academy of Frankenstein” for Prince Charles, defender of a classic urbanity. In 1972, Zaha Hadid chose it as a teacher and mentor Rem Koolhaas that when she graduates in 1977 will speak of her as a “planet in orbit inimitable.” He later said of his work: “What is unique about his work is the combination of enormous energy and infinite delicacy. “ It even defines its spatial movement: ” I felt limited by the poverty of the traditional principle of architectural design and have sought new means of representation “ says to Used this woman architect that catered usually only yes or no.

in addition to his career as an architect, she taught in the most prestigious international institutions, offering its expertise to the architectural Association, the Graduate School of design at Harvard University (USA), at the School of architecture of Chicago, or the University of applied Arts Vienna … in doing so theorist she showed perhaps less terse. it is to retain the sentences as “Architecture is pioneering when turned to the users that are too often forgotten. “ Also: ” A vanguard architecture transforms public space into civic space. “

Little girl upset Russian supremacists

From the new Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MAXXI), opened in 2010 at the Opera inaugurated Canton, on 25 February 2011, Cardiff – even an operator at the BMW car plant in Leipzig, Cincinnati (another Art Centre) in Manchester (concert hall), the architect Zaha Hadid, whose volumes aroused concern or horror until the late twentieth century, it imposed its vision of architecture almost everywhere, even in England his second homeland that had begun to accept long after Basel, Strasbourg , Beijing, Seoul, Taiwan, Naples, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Rabat, and in France, Montpellier (administrative Centre “Pierres Vives”) and Marseille (Tour CMA-CGM). Paris did not know – except the Chanel Pavilion, from London and reassembled at the foot of the Institute of the Arab world – which did not prevent the inevitable outbreak of some byproducts more or less inspired by the curves Zaha Hadid, soft machinery sometimes met by criticism under the name of Zorglub school, cartoon character beautifully described by Wikipedia as a “delusional modernization of the classic mad scientist.” Zaha Hadid was a little delirious, certainly modern, definitely not crazy.

The MAXXI in Rome in May 2010.

In truth his drawings, broken, torn, assembled, colored black background make her a conceptual artist, girl upset of Russian supremacists, we can not imagine spending walls a gallery to three dimensions of architecture.

If we could make it one of the leading figures of deconstructionism, a current that rejects the linear order of modern architecture, style was based very loosely on the use of taut lines and forced curves, sharp and superimposed planes shapes that gave her creations complexity and weight.

terrible Character

Illustrious provocateur himself, guru of the international urban scene, visionary adulation of some and hated by others, great talent scout might be confronted him, Koolhaas had made her one of the contributors to the OMA the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the agency he founded with Elia Zenghelis in 1975 in Rotterdam. But Zaha Hadid was separate from his mentor in 1979 to create his own agency. And learn to eat mad cow she did share a mainly male environment, and submitted

The woman looked like his work. Improbable physics, tripartite, as they say columns or scrapes -ciels between the two wars, and she assumed superbly. Two legs undersized compared to a bullfighting bust, put on willingly fancy shoes. The whole was topped with a head borrowed from some of Asia Minor goddess. abundant hair, amazingly expressive face framing own eyes as throwing lightning to provide passion, humor and a form of affection for the lions Arena. Especially when they were far from it, employees (there are now more than four percent in the agency), lent him a terrible character who could not stand the failures. Its customers quickly learned to accept his intransigence, and to bear its whims. Press it, poireautait for hours waiting for a yet carefully set maintenance. A closer look however, dilatory behavior in relation to the words seems to be a form of shyness, also found in Koolhaas: how to avoid expressing thoughts that will be set in stone, when your ideas are essentially ? changing and deeply connected to the intuitions of drawing, hand

a sensitive and sensual gestures

Since 1988, Zaha Hadid had managed to work around the problem: it had as main partner of the agency that bears his name, architect, professor and theorist Patrik Schumacher. His speech is one of the most austere which can meet, from which the thoughts of Schopenhauer and Derrida seem amiable chatter. Great inventor of neologism, he recently wowed the Venice Biennale with the concept of parametricime new architectural style unique to define one of Zaha Hadid. “After modernism, postmodernism and deconstructionism” , the “aims to create fields for expressing the complexity, polycentric urban planning and architecture, of which the layers are to both dense and continuously differentiated ‘. Schumacher has also taught at the Architectural Association and is commonly translated into Chinese. In terms of style, it is first to swallow the parameters computers, formal, technical, human, which are unfamiliar to collect their exit well away models constructive canons of antiquity.

Perhaps it is, Zaha Hadid, but beyond words, its architectural adventure seems closer to a sensitive and sensual gestures as a theoretical program, so subtle it may be.

The Olympic pool in London.

This adventure began strangely on the eastern marches of France. After two decorative trials in London and Sapporo, in 1994 she built the fire station for Vitra furniture factory in Weil am Rhein in Germany. Spectacular, the building commissioned by Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra CEO and largest architectural collector, however, gave seasick soldiers and fire, and had since been converted into display cabinets and offices. In Strasbourg in 2001, it draws the tram terminus Hoenheim, both building and urban occupation, the crazy feet, like those of Vitra, were initially worried that the public here, as elsewhere, it is finally did. The visual vocabulary of Hadid was gradually entering the images tolerated, then accepted, loved finally as are those of Frank Gehry, another Pritzker Prize, and all the “formalist” architects. For Zaha Hadid, the Pritzker arrived in 2004, and since orders poured in an exponential curve. Like the big names in fashion and film, she was now treated star. It was also called the “diva”, which had the gift of exasperating. His fans knew, who hosted a day with T-shirts bearing the words “Me deal we Diva if I were a guy? “

Hadid has belonged to a particular moment in architecture that allows the construction of escape, at least in appearance, to the tyranny of gravity and angle of imperatives law. The computer, as far as new materials made possible projects and forms that would once past for insults to reason. The forms that the Anglo-Iraqi architect imagined were able to move from dream to reality thanks to the work of engineers such as Cedric Price (1934 – 2003), met at the beginning of his career, or those of the agency Arup . In 1955, after the Poem of the Right Angle , after lithographs published in 1955 by Le Corbusier, here it happened, with Zaha Hadid and some other architects, poets time of curved space in line, after all, Einstein’s theories.


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