Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jean-Pierre Coffe, dramas of his life – Le Figaro

THE SCAN TV / VIDEO – A car accident, a suicide attempt, the death of two children: the gourmet and avid chronicler opposing the “junk food” has experienced many upheavals in his private life .

French gastronomy has lost one of its illustrious figures. Jean-Pierre Coffe, columnist radio and television, has died at the age of 78. If the general public knows him for his rants repeatedly against “junk food” or public figures, private life remains for many a mystery. And for good reason: the critic has experienced many tragedies in her life

From a young age, Jean-Pierre Coffe experiencing great changes.. His father died in the war in 1940, two years after his birth. Therefore, he was raised in a house with his mother, a hairdresser, her grandmother cook and her grandfather gardener. It is only very recently that Jean-Pierre Coffe spoke about the difficult childhood. In an autobiography published in May 2015 and titled A life Coffe , he revealed he was rejected by his mother and placed in foster care as a ward of the nation.

a few years later, he knows another difficult passage. Then he comes back from Paul Bocuse in Lyon, he has a serious car accident that will cripple it for two years. The rehabilitation will be very painful. “First, we can not walk, we walk with canes. even when we say I will succeed, I’ll ride. And then we get to ride on a nag, “said he told The unexpected parenthesis in 2013. In that same issue, he will discuss the occurrence of suicide attempts after the tragedy. “It is in Quiberon, along the wild coast and we said we will go flat out and we are going to fart face. And it will end. Because we believe more. Because we underwent a first operation, a second, and then it does not work and it does not. (…) I’m here, clueless, there is more to fuck me up after all. “

In love, Jean-Pierre Coffe lived somewhat Relations tumultuous. His three marriages with women all resulted in divorces. It will endure especially abortion of his ex-wife and the death of his daughter, killed by cancer in 37 years. In May 2015, on the set of Sophie Davant on France 2, Jean-Pierre Coffe lifted the veil on another tragedy in his life: the death of the little boy in the arms of his girlfriend at the time, actress. “I came back because I had finished the job, and then I found her sitting on a bidet in the bathroom, blood, with my little boy was there, but that was dead,” he had explained This is the program moved. “A turning point in his life,” he explained.

Jean-Pierre Coffe has also never hid his bisexuality. In 2014, he even confessed his desire to formalize his relationship with his companion. “Today, I live with a man. And I am happy, very happy, he said. I have not made my request, but I’ll probably marry “But blow to the former columnist Michel Drucker Highly Sunday . A few days later, on the plateau Hands off my post! on D8, the food critic announced that his companion had refused to marry him.

one of the other great suffering will no doubt food industrial he called “junk food”. “I’m all alone against the food groups that do not stop to me spoke in the wheel,” he complained in 2005. Yet despite its assumed control, he chained advertisements for brands. After a mission to Carrefour in the 2000s, he praised Weight Watchers yogurt. And above all, in 2009, he put his image in the service of chain Leader Price discount stores. Paradox of a wounded character.


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