Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rosalie Blum: “We want to know what lies behind this mysterious and lonely woman” – Screenrush

Rosalie Blum, the first film of Julien Rappeneau led by Kyan Khojandi, Noémie Lvovsky, and Alice Isaaz, released in theaters Wednesday. Meet the team of the feel good movie that mixes comedy, poetry and suspense.

Rosalie Blum, the first film as a director of Julien Rappeneau, among other writer of feature films but who killed Pamela Rose?, Cloclo, and Zulu, Kyan Khojandi interpreter Machot Vincent, a hairdresser who, between his life in the living room, his cousin, his cat and his meddling mother (Anemone), knows his life by heart. And yet, one day, he meets up with Rosalie Blum (Noémie Lvovsky), a mysterious grocer, he is convinced to have already met. But where ? Intrigued, he begins to follow her everywhere, hoping to learn more about it. He did not doubt for a moment that this spinning takes him on an adventure full of surprises and change his life so monotonous …

On the occasion of the film’s release on Wednesday March 23 Screenrush met Julien Rappeneau and comedians Kyan Khojandi, Noémie Lvovsky, Alice Isaaz and Sara Giraudeau, which speak to us of heart stroke they had for this story, adapted the eponymous comic Camille Jourdy, and for its unusual and endearing, somewhat reminiscent of the adventures of some Amelie. Not to revisit the experience is like to play in a “first film”.

New a continuation of the series “Bref” on the big screen? Kyan Khojandi answers:

Kyan Khojandi Interview


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