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J.J Abrams (Cloverfield Lane 10): “It was a kind of experiment, we wanted to break the codes” – Screenrush

The highly anticipated 10 Cloverfield Lane fate cinema today. On this occasion, his producer J.J Abrams has agreed for us to lift the veil on some questions. Interview with the man who likes to be surrounded in mystery.

How is this project happened on your desk?

We were first sent a script telling the story of this woman who is faced with a frightening situation. It’s an idea that really packed. It reminded me of The Twilight Zone with a mixture of different genres, from horror and thriller.

Where did you find the time to work on this project?

I am fortunate to work with a great team at Bad Robot and especially Lindsey Weber. She knew Dan Trachtenberg and developed a script with him. She then introduced us. It was she who was on the set of 10 Cloverfield Lane while working on Star Wars. But I was involved in both projects.

JJ Abrams on the set of Star Wars: Force Wake

Did you participate in the viral campaign for the film?

We wanted to continue gambling online that we launched during the promotion Cloverfield. Some people at Bad Robot have worked with the studios to make it happen. It’s really fun to hide clues: the audience does not need to know the game to understand the film. But if you follow the story line, you will find small references 10 Cloverfield Lane. But all this was just for fun.

There are plenty of hidden clues in the pictures and even on the poster Imax. But we especially noticed several times the Eiffel Tower. Does that mean something

It is connected to the character of Megan (Ed: the daughter of Howard Stambler / John Goodman)? In the film and also to ARG around Cloverfield . There are indications that have not yet been discovered. You have to see the movie to understand.

It was a kind of experience we wanted to break the codes

The first pictures of 10 Cloverfield Lane have reminded us of Lost (bunker Desmond, the series of numbers). Is there a link between the film and the series?

No, there’s no real connection between the two. The only point that can exist is the existence of the bunker.

It is increasingly difficult to keep a secret project, especially with social networks and the emergence of theories on the internet. How do you limit the information?

It’s harder on some films. To 10 Cloverfield Lane , it was less complicated since we did not talk about much. We decided to announce late, only two months before the film’s release. It was a kind of experience we wanted to break the codes.

As a director or producer, how do you determine the right things unfold?

There is no good answer to this question. Each film is different and we must change our approach each time. The key is to involve the viewer, to make him want to learn more than to give him all the information. Some films reveal too much, or give that impression. To 10 Cloverfield Lane , Paramount agreed to play the game and do not say too much. We’ll see if it works

Dan Trachtenberg, the director of Cloverfield Lane 10 alongside John Goodman

You told one day have received a box of adolescence magician that you never open, to keep the mystery. A recurring theme in your films. Is this box still closed?

It is still closed (laughs).

How do you choose your projects with Bad Robot?

I could not define what is a typical project of Bad Robot. projects is received and selects those that most interest us, we would have liked to see and where we can do something good. We work as much on the romantic comedy as horror movies.

With a little luck, we can continue to develop this idea

Remember Involved from the day you created the Bad Robot? Why this logo?

I was working at the time on a series called Alias. We were at the end of the pilot of the shoot and I had to quickly create the name of the future company and logo. I had the idea of ​​a children’s book, “Bad Robot” and I thought it would make a good title. I made this very simple animation of a robot in the grass and I asked my two children say “Bad Robot” so I can save them. It was a temporary name at the time – we were in 2001 – and it finally stuck. It’s been sixteen years now. When my wife and I had our third child, I also recorded his voice to add to the other two.

The end of 10 Cloverfield Lane is more open. Does this mean that there will be a Cloverfield 3 ?

We all worked on the story of a character who in my opinion, is very strong. And the end of the film, as is the case in many stories that work, has the feeling that we are at the dawn of a new chapter. Of course, remains to be seen what they will do, but it remains a possibility.

It would be therefore anthology

It is of course not a direct sequel, otherwise we would not have called “Cloverfield Lane 10″. There is undoubtedly an anthology side but we also have a larger strategy that we hope to explore. One can not be sure of anything, but hopefully, we can continue to develop this idea.

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

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