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Jim Harrison: the five essential books – Le Figaro

In Wolf to Legends of the Fall through Dalva and On the sidelines , you need to have read the epicurean writer and lover of pastoral fables, who died on Saturday March 26 at the age of 78 years.

“man is lost if he does not bother to improve his own nature,” wrote Jim Harrison in 1997. An esthete and hybrid poet, lover of earthly nourishment and spiritual flights, the author was and a million different men. Literary giant, shaken by life without ever falling, the writer was one of the greatest novelists of his time.

Died at his home in Arizona at the age of 78, the author, out of the lines, marked will be remembered for his style and unclassifiable pen. Heir to Thoreau and Rimbaud, willingly inspired Kerouac and Steinbeck, American writer has been able to continue the tradition of beautiful letters to eventually exceed the best. The drafting of the Le Figaro offers to re-discover its five essential books.

● Wolf

Published 34, Wolf fictitious Memoirs is the first work of American writer. Roman origins, critical acclaim, the book dives with poetry and melancholy in the memories “of a boy with a broken heart,” who dreams of great adventures, but, overcome by the anguish of the unknown and fear live indulges in alcohol, tobacco and sex. Both literary fable and search for identity in the woods, Wolf, fictitious Memoirs painted with emotion, cruelty and talent, the wanderings and reminiscences of a young soul tempted by both terrestrial foods and the almost divine call of nature.


“Great novel of eternal America, America and the prairie forest “as critical, Dalva is the literary metaphor of identity schizophrenia that has haunted the new continent in the twentieth century. At the confluence of American modernism that flourished buildings, industrial empires and stock krash, and nature as a divine temple, Jim Harrison evolved a young woman, Dalva. Split between the two cultures and the two opposing visions of the country, it will have the prism of a Shakespearean love trying to make the connection between past and future. With Dalva , the author plunges the reader into a historical fresco where humanity is set in a wild America, where the only truth lies in the earth. unbreakable bond that unites all men.

● Legends of the Fall

Composed of three new, the unclassifiable book by its mix of genres and tones revolves around revenge, nature and identity, themes dear to the author. In the first part of the book, Jim Harrison follows the journey of a passionate man named Cochran, who for love Mireya, will gradually satisfy his hatred against the one who cheated. The second story, depicts meanwhile, the life of a man in the throes of midlife crisis, haunted by the fear of living and by the anguish of having never really lived. The third story finally turned to the screen by Edward Zwick, immerses the reader in the middle of World War II.

● The way home

In line with Dalva, the way home , is organized as a large American fiction, which mingle with poetry and tragedy, broken destinies of men and women in search of truth and identity. With this novel, Jim Harrison raises the issues that are specific to the Americas and revives these tortured souls and fragile, without connection or attachment, as absent in her own existing only by their desire to survivance.Véritable existential fresco, the reader with this novel follows the journey of a family slowly drifting over with a feather, which, in an erasure could erase everything …

● in margin

symbolic title for a man who has always sought to live outside the box, away from labels and lines dictated by society, En Marge , wants the interior mirror thoughts that innervated and sublimate the literature of Rabelaisian giant. At the edge of a lake with his dog or alone, secluded in the dark, Jim Harrison spares nothing of the boy who lived with hubris for beauty, women and wine. Esthete poet, the author was one of the only writers, with this text, namely harmony mingle with his gargantuan love for life and passion for the great outdoors.


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