Thursday, March 17, 2016

“Ogres” Fehner the family, so fantastic and so generous –

The film of the Toulouse LÉA FEHNER, in theaters yesterday, the story of a traveling theater troupe. It was inspired by the company founded by his parents, The Works.

“Yes it is a family story here! So what ? “This phrase, exclaimed by Ines Fehner in the middle of a huge collective shouting match, almost alone summarizes the soul of the” Ogre “. The second feature of LÉA FEHNER (to whom we owe already “That one yours and the others will follow” in 2009), was released in theaters yesterday. Playing, beautiful Adèle Haenel, the bubbly Lola Dueñas and dark Marc Barbé, but also, and especially Francis, his father, Marion Bouvarel, his mother and his sister Ines.

Because yes “Ogres” is a family story, on screen and in life. Leah’s parents, founders of the company The Works ago twenty years, gave him subconsciously the idea of ​​the daily life of a troupe of traveling theater, through the resorts of Aude and the landscapes of the Lot-et-Garonne. “The film has its strong roots in the history of ours says LÉA FEHNER. It was very crazy tours, joyous, full of crazy characters, foutraques and at the same time generous. . I wanted to reconnect with the flamboyance, the character of panache that I could cross my childhood “

The Toulouse director has not provided tilted in the autobiography” The idea was to be faithful to a breath, but to be unfaithful to the facts, gestures, details. Being in a romantic betrayal … “For this, she formed his own troupe, colorful and whimsical, with members of the Acts, but also: film comedians, from other troops, or recruited wild casting.

his parents and sister, they were not provided for initially displays. It was during improvisation sessions to Grainerie, Balma, Leah decided to integrate. “I said, playing with fire, let’s play this porosity between fiction and reality. Let’s have fun with this discomfort, with the only goal that fiction is more intense and more beautiful. “

Despite the appearance of improvisation, the screenplay was written by line. To say that the characters look like they would be inaccurate, as stated sister, Ines, “This is a caricature of ourselves. In a period of life, nervousness … “Meanwhile, their mother, Marion Bouvarel, had the impression of” working a real role, infused his personality. ” His character in the lens of the eyes of Leah, “very strange and very interesting both”

actually quite natural step in the world of theater and film. “We must try to find the inside oneself the incarnation of a text. good references we just had to propose to Leah, “smiled the father, Francis. Those who feed the tribe of the capital, where mingle authority and disobedience to with the urgency of the show to perform every night, whatever the cost.

The theme of the ogres continued since Fehner years, who have already mounted “Tom Thumb” for example. Their monstrous side, this ability to devour films that Leah they lived. By immersing the audience into the intimacy of this community of life, formed beyond the theater, this “chosen family”, the director gives his father the most complex role, that of a mature man who takes power abused and is ready to go through. A family of ogres, you are told.

The first quarter of an hour, it’s a bit “Kusturica in Port-la-Nouvelle.” But once posed decor, collected madness, we plunge with delight in the privacy of this cast of characters, all crazy.

And that’s where the emotion arises in the intimacy their caravans and entrails of this rickety tent. The alternation between slices of perfectly controlled laughing and crying spells. Among the actors who do not forget their tears, even when used Chekhov blows of vodka. Tired, often have too knocked about, but never angry with the scene.


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