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Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

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10 Cloverfield Lane is the first feature by Dan Trachtenberg. This young director of 34 years has been marked by JJ Abrams for turning No Escape, a short film based on the Portal video game.

Today, he meets Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and John Gallagher in a pseudo-sequel to Cloverfield monster, which we do not know much as the promo was sudden ...


in 2008, Bad Robot, the JJ Abrams production company, came out Cloverfield in theaters after-oriented promotional campaign around the mystery and secrecy. We knew that a monster movie we would be unveiled and at the time rumors were rife reminiscent Godzilla or Chtulu headlining. But it was ultimately nothing, since Cloverfield created his own universe and proved to be an effective entertainment, launching fashion films "found footage" shot to the shaky cam.

Eight years later, when we were all spent entirely else, Cloverfield deductible returns to surprise everyone again. We knew then that a film called The Cellar was produced by Bad Robot but nobody does then doubted it would be a variation of the film by Matt Reeves. Cloverfield Lane 10 because it is not a result of his elder but a film derived with which he nevertheless shared blood ties. We go follow Mary Elizabeth Winstead finding themselves locked in a bunker following a car accident. Selected by John Goodman, she learns that the world outside is not what she thinks and "an attack" took place. Locked in the basement, she will find out who his abductor, if it is nice or not, if he lies about what is going on in the open or not and the consequences it must draw.

the shared universe are in fashion since the beginning of the Avengers deductible and every studio wants its share. Yet none has ever dared to offer real spin off movies in place. No producer had tried to feel the box and each film from a world still strongly resembles the previous one. There were a lot of Star Wars Rogue One A Story to make a move the lines but Dan Trachtenberg film toasted his politeness. This is the first high-quality feature film: to offer something that has nothing in common with the original Cloverfield but which nevertheless takes place in the same universe (and chronologically probably after). While the film of Reeves was a witness to a disaster filmed in New York, his "suite" is a camera between three people in a bunker. This is especially interesting for the viewer that we, unlike the hero of the story, we already know what happens outside the vault so we know if the theories raised by the character John Goodman are true or not.

But beyond the Cloverfieldien heritage, the film Trachtenberg is a wholly successful. Driven by exceptional actors, especially Mary Elizabeth Winstead who signs here probably his best performance as an actress, the film is well written, paced and breathless. We especially emphasize the writing of characters who, for once in this situation, all the behaviors expected. If she ever speaks clearly, Winstead has necessarily read or seen stories sequestration and end of the world because, hyper resourceful, she knows exactly what to do and how when a character of classic camera would behave necessarily stupid way . The set is a true thriller taking the outcome of which is unclear.
The script was written first by Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken who wanted to offer a classic story of sequestration then rewritten by Damien Chazelle who includes a script in the universe of Cloverfield. Somewhere finally, this new story is also partly a monster movie as it was struggling to know which foot to dance the character of John Goodman.
This story is especially highlighted on the screen by soundscape. Achieving Trachtenberg is honorable but not exceptional technical teams have worked on the sounds and noises, what happens inside the bunker until it can be heard outside. Also noteworthy are the very good work on the soundtrack of Bear McReary.

the only regret is to make the last act, which deserved to be shortened, particularly as it justifies the connection with the original Cloverfield with big hooves. If the universe set up by Matt Reeves hangs over this second part from the opening scene (in its soundscape rightly!), We would have liked it gets that hover without giving too much away.

in any case, you saw Cloverfield in 2008 or not, you will take your pleasure as this new component that is not really alone is an effective thriller. The original had given cravings in Hollywood found footage all the sauces. Hopefully this new production JJ Abrams show them that once you have a solid universe and a good story, we can do what we want.


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