Thursday, March 17, 2016

Death of Frank Sinatra Junior at the age of 72 years – The Point

Frank Sinatra Junior died Wednesday of a heart attack at the age of 72 during a tour in the US state of Florida, said his sister Nancy. “The Sinatra family mourns the premature death of his son, brother, father, uncle, Frank Sinatra Junior, of a heart attack while he was on tour in Daytona, Florida,” she said in a posted message on the Facebook social network. Like his famous father, Sinatra Junior had a career in music, starting to sing when he was still a teenager.

Kidnapped at the age of 19 years

from 1988 he became conductor and music director for the last years of his father on stage. Frank Sinatra Sr., one of the famous “Rat Pack” of the 1960s, died in 1998. Sinatra Junior were to happen Wednesday night at Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach, as part of a tour “Sinatra sings Sinatra”. The concert hall announced her death on her Facebook page, having already announced earlier in the evening that the show was canceled due to discomfort of the singer.

Junior Sinatra was also known to have was abducted at age 19 by two young men hoping to extort a pretty penny to his famous father. December 8, 1963, he was forced, under threat of a weapon, leaving a casino in Lake Tahoe, California, to follow his two captors. These have retained several days until payment Sinatra father of a ransom of 240,000 dollars. The son was released unharmed. Singer Tony Bennett, an old friend of Sinatra’s father, presented his condolences to the family. “I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Frank Sinatra Junior,” said he wrote on Twitter.


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