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Batman V Superman: Ben Affleck in the role of a vigilante frustrated and bitter – L’Express

If you were to present your Batman to someone who does not know the character, how would you describe it?

Usually, the films show the origins of Batman, or when it is at the height of his vigilante career. Here is an older guy in the end. He will find meaning in his own life in his conflict with Superman. He really thinks that Superman is an existential threat and he says that will destroy his legacy. It also plays a little with his playboy billionaire side. He lives in this life background. He attended many women, has cars and partied. He tries to fill the gaps of his soul. Moreover, the other incarnations of Batman evoked justice. Here Batman is no longer able to reason because he is frustrated, bitter and angry.

Have you seen the previous Batman, played by Christian Bale, in order to stand out?

I do not want to compete with the other versions, or do something similar. These versions belong to another universe. With Batman, Christopher Nolan began a story then has completed. My version is different, but remains faithful to the tradition of Batman and themes associated with it. The other difference is that the Nolan Batman does not evolve in a world where other superheroes exist. Here – because it goes to the Justice League [team which brings together the greatest superhero of the DC Comics universe, like the Avengers for Marvel, whose film adaptation is planned, Ed] – it Superman is, and it’s a world of super-beings. This creates a different reality.

OUR RECORD & gt; & gt; Ben Affleck

How did you feel seeing you for the first time in the Batman costume?

It helps a lot. When you read the script, you wonder how you’ll play Batman. And then you put on the costume, you look in the mirror and you say, “There, that’s it.” The suit does all the work for you. In fact, you do not play Batman, but Bruce Wayne. This is when the character becomes complicated and interesting. Batman, in itself, is a strong iconographic character. It would be a mistake to overplay.

What do you think of the two Batman costume you wear in the movie?

I like their design. They are loyal to the vision that Frank Miller has developed in his comic book Dark Knight. The film is based elsewhere that many comics, we especially use the most massive suit, very symbolic. In the end, the costumes are quite heavy and bulky. The challenge is to create scenes of battles in which I can move and have fluidity in my movements, which is difficult.

These costumes must have a great look and be functional at the same time. What we can do now and we could still do it a few years ago, it is essential to wear the costume but without arms. motion sensors are placed on my arms, in order to recreate the arms of the costume in postproduction. This allows me to freely move my arms and not like a robot in the action scenes. I think this is the first time a player has as much flexibility and can turn your head in a Batcostume!

Batman V Superman: Ben Affleck in the skin of a vigilante frustrated and bitter

Prod-DB Warner Bros., DC Entertainment-RatPac-Dune Entertainment-Syncopy

STORIES & gt; & gt; Batman V Superman : in the tumult of a face-to-face anthology

Qu ‘is what was the biggest challenge for you on this film

the fact that the film lasts as long – 140 days – and that everything is so compartmentalized, fragmented . It is difficult to remember where such a scene in the story is located, to grasp moments caught between two visual effects shots created later by computer. I’m not used to this kind of shooting, I can not adopt cruising speed, I have to restart the machine each time.

Today, for example, I will turn that plans for ten seconds which will then be assembled to create the scene . I’m more used to playing an entire scene to be able to try different things. Here is very technical and you do not really freedom from all these visual effects.

What Lex Luthor is it a good villain for this film?

Among the character written by Chris Terrio and interpretation of Jesse Eisenberg, is the meeting of two brilliant minds, who are on the same wavelength. Luthor is, for me, the most interesting character in the film. It is radically different from what we’ve seen so far. It is grounded in reality, and it is extraordinary. This kind of movie is based on the quality of the villain. This is why the Dark Knight Nolan was also great, thanks to Heath Ledger’s Joker. Jesse makes the best film in each of his appearances. This is not the kind of cartoonish villain is a character with a wholly psychology.

Batman V Superman: Ben Affleck in the skin of a vigilante frustrated and bitter

Prod-DB Warner Bros., DC Entertainment-RatPac-Dune Entertainment-Syncopy

does Batman V Superman tells us in today’s world?

I will not say that this film gives any lesson but this is more than just entertainment film, it also seeks to say that there are consequences when one uses violence. When a building collapses, people are dying, and they are irremediably lost lives. the film also mentions the fact that fear is our enemy at all. fear brings out the worst of ourselves.

When we fear powerful people because we believe that they can destroy us, we tend to use it to justify everything you could well be tempted to do. it draws some parallels with preemptive military strikes, and that kind of stuff. it can analyze our judgment as to what that we are facing what threatens us. It is relevant vis-à-vis what is happening in the world today. The film is about real issues.

Finally, in a fight between Batman and Superman, who wins?

So … When you see the film, you will realize that it’s more complicated than that! There is no real winner. I like the idea that it is the truth triumph.

The Batmobile: between the tank and Formula 1

This is the production designer Patrick Tatopoulos who designed the new Batmobile. Fan of one of the Batman Tim Burton and tumbler of Dark Knight Christopher Nolan, he sought to fuse some species of these two vehicles in it. He wanted to off-road car, whose suspensions allow it to rise or fall. This version can thus raise to cushion falls. Or flatten, to adopt a profile Formula 1 speed and reach peaks.

Tatopoulos like to mix aspects dated with modernity. It created a cockpit inspired by that of Messerschmidt, this fighter plane of World War II, has set back, and designed the front of the vehicle to very elongated curves that evoke a Corvette. Some specific to a tank characteristics are found together with those of a modern car. He also inspired the cape that allows Batman to glide to designate the top of the vehicle, while the lower part is more mechanical aspect. The Batmobile is the first item he designed for Batman V Superman because for him, it establishes the aesthetics of the film.


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