Monday, March 28, 2016

Alain Decaux: Stéphane Bern homage to Christiane Taubira – Le Figaro

REACTIONS – On the death of the celebrated historian, and political figures have expressed their excitement on social networks and media

a mythical figure of the small screen, Alain Decaux has embodied for over ten years, from 1969 to the 80s, the voice of history in France. Author of forty books, academician at the formidable pen died this Sunday, March 27, at the age of 90 years. He leaves behind an empty “historic” that did not fail to greet hundreds of anonymous persons and on the Web.

The news of his death caused a rain of reactions on social networks. Some remembering the man with the energetic voice that told the greatest events in the history of France on his show Alain Decaux face of history , others remembering the writer and lovers of beautiful letters that include written Hugo , a collection based on the epistolary relationship with the novelist had met Juliette Drouet.

in this RTL Sunday Stephane Bern at length hired academician who died in Paris this weekend. “This is one of those who most popularized the story in France,” says specialist in the history of monarchies. “He was a man who really committed to the French (…) We were hanging on his lips! I always had the feeling that he had attended the event that counted. At the time of the assassination of Jean Jaurès, the assassination of Admiral Darlan. Everything came alive around him. It was unmistakable. He made history live on television and radio, he knew everything about everything. It is actually more like that … “

On Twitter, the president praised the passionate history. “Alain Decaux had a passion for history. He loved France and the Republic wanted to transmit each understanding the world. “

Former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, for his part paid tribute to the historian” scholar “.

Manuel Valls, on the social network, highlighted the genius of the great man gone.

The Minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, expressed his emotion on the canvas while hailing “the passionate and unique voice of Alain Decaux.”

Jean-Pierre Foucault thanked Academician for its beautiful history lessons. “It was enough to watch, to listen, to feel ..d’être educated and intelligent .. Thanks Alain Decaux!”

Anne Sinclair shared her excitement on the social network. “Review Alain Decaux. A storyteller outstanding, but also a man of exquisite courtesy and great kindness. “

Finally, the presenter Olivier Minne told her” shock “on Twitter and praised the man of except that nurtured his early television years.


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