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Review OST – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – DC Planet

  • Some prominent themes
  • Simple but effective
  • Even nice sometimes
  • Not much originality in the treatment
  • Sometimes little about with scenes
  • even very simple

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Water Tower Music / Sony Classical – € 16.99 (2CD Deluxe Edition)
  • Composer Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL

Wednesday the output of long-awaited film of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has raised many questions among fans of DC Comics . These questions, I guess, “Should we enjoy music from the movie Batman v Superman ? ‘,’ What agreements correspond arpeggios performed by the violin at 2 minutes 44 in the piece entitled “Men Are Still Good”? “Or” What would have thought Mozart OST Batman v Superman ? “. I will try to answer these fundamental questions, and others, during this review.

Before we get into the thick of it, I offer a brief introduction on what music film. According to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, reference book for musicologists, film music is music composed, arranged, compiled or improvised to accompany motion pictures. This may seem obvious, but it’s something that will keep in mind during this review because we do not judge a film music disregarding the film itself. Although it can be very good sometimes, an OST has been thought in images and as such it would be unfair to make critical as we judge a symphony that would have been thought only in music. Similarly, we do not judge an opera libretto as a literary text we judge or judge is not a hamster on its ability to climb trees. You understand the example, it is important to understand the function of music into a critique to his measure and avoid irrelevant comparisons such as “the musical language is so little complex compared to the Tenth Symphony Shostakovich , it really sucks. ” Film music, particularly the music of a film as big as public Batman v Superman , involves a lot of things on its composition. This is music that needs to talk to a lot, so use a relatively simple language to not overwhelm listeners’ ears but also successfully accompany or sublimate the film’s action without the overwhelm. The main difficulties of this type of specific composition are therefore know how to balance its complexity (not that it’s too flat either) and can skillfully play with the means available to stick to a specific ambiance, atmosphere changes very frequently in Batman v Superman in particular.

Concerning the music itself, I will refer for convenience to securities reflected in the album when necessary but are sufficiently explicit in their name for associate to specific scenes.

in these signed compositions Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL , many playing on contrasts of any kind, including with the introduction of low more or less rapid and usually very percussive with a main melody that emerges over more lyrical in the action scenes. At other times, one can find a contrast in orchestration, many instruments that opposes a soloist, piano or violin that occurs especially in “The Red Capes Are Coming, alternating agreements and response strings in a fairly tight trading will continue with an opposition between low strings a bit saturated and another instrument at its very clear. More generally, the film alternates between action scenes and other more quiet will necessarily be in the music, with changes between times contrasting and rhythmic passages and other more floating, slow and less noise . At this level, it is a fairly simple strategy but it works pretty well. Of course, some effects are added to the instruments that sometimes make it difficult to say precisely what instrument it is. Again in “The Red Capes Are Coming” means a piano with lots of echo, which then begins to have a harpsichord sound before diverting onto a much more sleek looks like cimbalom (traditional gypsy instrument, it strike on the strings with small hammers that we take in hand, if you want to get an idea of ​​the sound, internet is full of videos on the instrument). However, the effect is very good even without understanding precisely what means are used.

When the music is more discreet, difficult to be truly embarrassed by what it offers and in most if it is quickly forgotten after watching the film. It remains finally relatively few themes that are kept in the ear after the movie if it is a reminder of this theme in Man Of Steel, the theme in “The Red Capes Are Coming” (if I much about until now is that he is one of the highlights of the film musically) and the theme that accompanies the appearances of Wonder Woman is “with You is She” in the album. Unfortunately, between the quieter themes or those that emphasize the action, the volume is sometimes a bit mismanaged, failure may own cinema where I watched the film, but it seems that the problem is found in several other theaters also.

to return to the pattern that introduces Wonder Woman , we find again the basic strategy very rhythmic theme on which the place is, first the theme on electric guitar then another, more lyrical and less sound, the cello. The pattern on guitar, is based on four notes E, G, and if the # and easily recognizable, which is often a good point in a movie soundtrack as if listeners have not completely forgotten what they heard coming out of the film is rather positive for the composer. Unfortunately, the theme often appears somewhat abruptly, which can attack a bit since the listener is very sound and sometimes appears in rather quiet scenes. Although effective in many ways, it is unfortunately often poorly introduced, with little variety when it could have been appreciable, for example, in scenes that do not really contain any action to change the instrumentation, why not sauté discreetly theme to paste over precisely the images of the film. Concerning the melody itself, which is this: mi-sol-si-the–sol the # # # -sol -sol-the-if-the–sol the # # # -sol it -Sol- # -If the-ground-floor-if-if-the-ground # -siiiii (with common vibrato on the last note), it is pretty well built, although based on a small number of notes. It begins with what appears to be a fundamental agreement of minor (mi-sol-si) before creating a dissonance with the # (thus try, if you have an instrument available, play ground the # if possible at the same time, it rubs a little ear is strained, that’s a dissonance) that will ultimately be resolved with the return of if (ground-if it’s a nice third, it sounds good) . In addition, the ground-# is an augmented second, and augmented second has been used for centuries to symbolize a form of exoticism that is well suited to a character like Wonder Woman .

the complexity of the music, the chords used are often extremely simple, especially in “Men are Still Good.” The violin carries arpeggios corresponding agreements of minor with first inversion (ie mid-la-do), D minor with second inversion (fa-la-D) and finally pass in E major with second inversion is G # – si-mi (mi is the dominant of the minor). For the uninitiated (and there is nothing wrong with not being initiated, it is quite technical), this is a really simple chords if you are used to analyze scholarly music works the 16th to 20th century. We could then deplore a certain lack of complexity (not need anything too complicated either, but a little more developed than would have bothered modern ears are yours), especially as the same agreements back to other times completely unchanged

in conclusion, after talking a lot, OST Batman v Superman:. Dawn of Justice completed its function quite well but unfortunately sometimes lacks subtlety or imagination in the treatment of themes, which normally returns themselves or with very little change. Music is his job, but certainly could afford a bit more daring at times, which would have also allowed to vary the themes to make them more glue to scenes. However, it uses admittedly simple but often effective enough strategies, provided that the volume is precisely managed

PS. I miss the answer to the last question is to know what Mozart would have thought of this music. Hard to say, but it is possible to make the following assumptions. In case he would appreciate this OST, it could be due to different musical genres used electronics to a more classical composition, since one of the features of the music Mozart is to have, through extensive training conducted throughout Europe, composed by mixing a lot of style, using instrumental techniques, Italian or even more traditional music opera brought by Turkey in Vienna. In case he does not appreciate the work of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL , one could imagine that this music is a little too simple, since ‘ it tends to do much on his own compositions, and possibly with not enough notes, as opposed to the criticism made him Joseph II on his works (indeed, historical anecdote, the Emperor once told Mozart speaking of one of his compositions she had “too many notes”)

PPS. There are actually Shostakovich in intradiegetic music, a waltz he composed part of its “food” music. But it’s a bit too used (to believe he has composed nothing else …) which has become one of those musical clichés in movies should be avoided in my opinion, with the Ride of the Valkyries Wagner and the opening of William Tell Rossini .


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