Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15, died (spoiler) teasée in a new clip! – melty.fr

The season 6 of The Walking Dead coming to an end and there are no more than an episode before a season finale that promises already bloody. While melty wondered yesterday why and where Carol was gone, today we invite you to discover an excerpt from the upcoming episode entitled “East” and is as mysterious and disturbing reveals. In the few seconds that you can see below, a stick out of a car dripping with blood, and it is the rosary that Carol has recovered and she always had in the previous episode Tension ground near a purple task being formed and broken glass . A scream sounds then suddenly interrupted by a gunshot. No face and no words accompany these images, but we do not need to infer that things rather badly to announce Carol.


by imagine she was surprised by the Saviors of Negan it n ‘there is a step, and wait until Sunday may take long to wonder if Carol survive the next episode or not. Especially since according to the promo video, Daryl is ready to go looking for him and things could quickly go wrong for others to Alexandria. After several relatively calm episodes that were as installing a palpable tension in the series, serious things will they finally start in episode 15? Will we see a real offensive Saviors which will leave the way open for his arrival Negan both feared and expected? It’s possible, but still hope that Rick and the others have time to prepare for battle before. While waiting to know if Carol could die in the next episode, melty had already asked if his departure from Alexandria announced his death! What do you think?


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