Monday, March 14, 2016

Eddy Mitchell: “Holland is all the time humiliated and humiliating” – Le Figaro

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche , the singer criticizes the president not to meet the expectations of French. He also said not understand “his friend” Nicolas Sarkozy, and does not believe in the “respectable image” that wants to give the FN.

Eddy Mitchell does not handle the jargon. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche , the singer of 73 years severely scratched our policies. It describes the current head of state as a man “humiliated and humiliating”, is surprised that Nicolas Sarkozy “chains stupidity on stupidity,” and criticized the FN “that person fooled.”

the interpreter on the road to Memphis expressed vis-à-vis disappointment of the hopes placed in François Hollande. “It was like a breath of fresh air for millions of people. And nothing happens, “he is sorry. He added: “I have nothing against him personally, but it hurts the boy. Holland all the time humiliated and humiliating. “

The one who regrets that the Legion of Honour was awarded to the” princes Saudi head-hunters “is no longer recognized in the policy direction of the government. . “If Hollande and Valls are left, I am pastor,” he blurted

Close to the former president, Eddy Mitchell is also critical of Nicolas Sarkozy: “These lately, I have trouble understanding it. He followed stupidity on stupidity, it makes up the branches and this is not possible “His comments tinged with pessimism about the coming months.” I do not feel that it will go after the presidential election. “

the singer also pours his resentment on the National Front. “They are trying to give a respectable image, nobody is fooled. They fired the father? The bargain. It’s in the genes, “laments Eddy Mitchell, fatalistic.


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