Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cinema: the lives of Adele – The Point

In 2013, Adele was Exarchopoulos or was not. Three years later, another Adèle Haenel, in turn occupies the front of the stage. Marked 13 years in The Devils , revealed by the director of Lilies Céline Sciamma, césarisée in 2014, it is named the “Best Actress” for her next year subtle in The Affairs . The soldier angry that she interprets with fervor propels the then, at 26, to the rank of auteur cinema icon.

Les Ogres , the second feature film LÉA FEHNER she is Mona, acrobat cheeky and impudent in a traveling theater troupe. About to give birth, she radiates life and soul being uninhibited, swears, smokes, and offers an unlikely youngster. It passes with flying colors in grief schoolboy humor, tenderness to the coldness. Human and monstrous ogress unvarnished appears as credible in immaculate dress in marcel over-size. A natural that has earned her the singular status of “plural actress.”

But beware of labels! Male and female, funny and serious, thoughtful and pragmatic are all adjectives which continues. Or, if she chooses her roles with requirement, the applicant is always war to gender stereotypes. Let us go therefore with the opinion of Adele: “I do not posture talks, I am myself. “


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