Friday, March 25, 2016

Old Ploughs 2016: Lana Del Rey … Fakear program – Le Figaro

The organizers of finistérien festival, which opens on July 14 unveiled the result of the programming. They still remain very evasive about the identity of the person who will occupy the poster.

The Old Plough s festival program ‘ fabric daily. Event organizers – to be held in Carhaix from 14 to 17 July – unveiled the identity of new artists who will perform on the stage Finistère. Thus, The Kills, Lilly Wood and the Pricks or Fakear are newcomers. They complete a five-star list which also include Lana Del Rey and Michel Polnareff.

If the outlines of the 2016 edition are emerging gradually, doubt still remains on the artist’s name or the group will be designated headliner.

The first rumors were already spreading on social networks. If the name of the US rapper Pharrell Williams is becoming increasingly important, it is likely that the identity of the poster head should be spectacular. “We promised to put the package for this 25th edition”, told Ouest-France Jerome Trehorel, festival director.

Other assumptions are also advanced. The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Radiohead, Massive Attack or could also take their game …


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