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Jeff Nichols tells the personal drama that inspired him Midnight Special – Cinema

When Midnight Special is successful, it is of course by staging inspired Jeff Nichols but perhaps also by the sincerity of his script. In interview to CinemaBlend, director of Mud and Take Shelter recounted the personal tragedy he has placed in the heart of his latest feature film.

How Midnight Special revives the spirit of Spielberg

“When I was writing this movie, I was a young father. When I” writing a movie I try to find an intense emotion that I can add. I think this is the best way to communicate with the public. Making a film is a very delicate process, which takes a long time, there are plenty of variables to consider and you need to preserve this strong emotion throughout the development process. Amidst all this, there was the fear of losing my son. When I was writing the film, my son eight months made a violent allergic shock and my wife and I thought the lose. I was terrified by the idea. In fact, she paralyzed for several months “

Midnight Special. Masterpiece of Jeff Nichols

fortunately, Jeff Nichols said his son was treated in time. But the director also explained why fatherhood and childhood are the central themes of his filmography.

“most of my films are built around the theme of fear. Take Shelter deals with the fear of parenthood and marriage as the economy collapses and the environment goes haywire. What do you do all this fear? How to treat or talk about this fear as fear is not a pillar of the film? You can not just make a film about fear. It is not enough. (…) When I was working on this film, I started thinking about being a father. And I think when you’re scared of something, you try to control it. And we try to control the lives of our children, their environment, the world in which they live, people they will become … and these thoughts become consistent enough to make a film. “

Summary of the strongest themes Jeff Nichols Midnight Special would be a great cry of paternal love. I want people who see this film go home to hug their children in their arms “ said director gifted 37 years.

Midnight Special is indoors since March 16 . trailer:


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