Maïtena Biraben out his joker and asked to leave the show – Maxime Bruno

Vincent Bolloré had promised sworn in last entry, Maïtena Biraben will head the Grand Journal Failed until 2022.
 Canal + announced Thursday his departure from the show, and according to information from the AFP, the facilitator also leave the encrypted channel. His name is added to a list that never ends lie:
 Yann Barthes, Margotton Gregory Thomas Thouroude, Ophelia Miller, Bruce Toussaint, which has just been added
 Ali Baddou. They all leave the ship

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    The pioneer spirit is gone



To say that the image of the historic Canal + has tarnished view this season: fall hearings, drain subscribers symbolic absence of the Croisette, Bolloré media soap opera … and the Puppets. They are perhaps the best example of this rout. While the whole of France rose against its issuing arrest last summer, no one cares about his fate today, since the change of authors and switching to encrypted. The slogan would rather to end, to end suffering. Gone is the time of the chain avant-garde Pathbreaker, Canal + is a former glory, a nostalgia, a “quasi-amorous dimension with its viewers, memories, habits,” says the expert Virginia Spies media.

For the impertinence, Yann Barthes even drop his favorite Diary and join TNT and TMC. That is to say. The few innovations or taking risks, they are relegated to the bottom end of the grid, like The issuance of Antoine and its 60,000 curious. He and Mr. Octopus are better elsewhere, with
 Tipsy their revenue and 1.5 million views on YouTube. Virginia Spies confirmed: “The TV big chain does not exist for a long time. The wind of freedom on TV, in terms of creation, no longer exists. The original is now on the web. “

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    The fear of “Hanounisation”



“” Our SMS boxes [are] saturated by their calls, they all want to go … “said, dumbfounded, an antenna boss.” The anecdote is reported by TéléObs , which evokes among the causes of this exodus threat of Hanounisation antenna. It must be said that Bolloré has released EUR 250 million over five years to make sure to keep the host but also the producer. Already ubiquitous on D8, Cyril Hanouna should rapidly extend its hold on Canal +. He has boxed The Very Big Issue , a premium with Dominique Farrugia, and rumors suggest
 Zapping 100% “Baba” and Enora Malagré head of
  Tube . Canal + Version Hanouna? The site Slate was supposed to laugh (yellow)

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“When you open a plain beach, you certainly earn short-term advertising revenue, but long term, it loses subscribers, “recently said Vincent Bolloré. And he’s right: “There is not a single pay channel in the world who slices plain. “This specificity, this mix of clear and encrypted, participated in creating the fameaux mind Canal, but seems to have run its course, battered by advertising and competition.

If the transition to all paid and an HBO model is still valid (it would take a Game of Thrones
 or football), with keeping Daphne Bürki and New Edition the afternoon, the light slices will be greatly reduced next season. Now what animator wants to have less exposure? Thierry Ardisson, if he keeps his show Hi Earthlings and its Saturday schedule 19h, and would move on D8. It was that or suffer the same fate as the Puppets and Antoine De Caunes

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If the new boss of Canal + cut backstage heads to his arrival, the hosts seem to leave the antenna? themselves. As if they wanted nothing to do with this channel then, the Bolloré Canal. It has taken a few weeks of bad hearings Grand Journal and much Bolloré statements of support for that
 Maïtena Biraben Password serious journalist Extra to the pet, if not the boss of the pooch. An image that was upset, she has defended several times (
 “Vincent Bollore is not in my headset”), but who stuck to her skin all season. The solution: from bouncing. Where