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Is this that you have heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce ? The ” power torque “ hollywood is no more. The site TMZ unveiled the official documents on 20 September, the Internet has tressauté and reactions more or less rational have followed : speculations on the reasons for the divorce or conjectures about the reaction of the former to twelve years ago, Jennifer Aniston. CNN has even found a way to interview George Clooney on the subject, a few minutes from the last speech of Barack Obama to the general Assembly of the united nations. The mourning of the “Brangelina” has penetrated everywhere.

The results in the media and hysterical reactions that followed this announcement prove that the couple had struck a chord. Not only thanks to their respective careers of actors, producers and directors, but also by releasing, in their ” real life “, a sense of generosity (because invested in a number of humanitarian projects), courage (Angelina Jolie, who shared his health problems), progressivism (one of their daughters would prefer to be a boy, a choice that they have publicly embraced it).

Why this new she made such an effect ? (And you can tell that everyone cares, someone you have necessarily spoken). Because by dint of having the impression of the mix for a decade, it has a little felt personally their break-up. Even if this does not concern us, we are trying to understand why, and left to throw in their failure. Titiou Lecoq, in Liberation, speaks of the ‘ normality ” endearing, staged by the couple. To the point that it also might have been ” eventually dump Brad Pitt “.

Between the lines of the dialogues of movies

You can also choose to read in retrospect the film career of Brad and Angelina at the pace of their love story. The two actors met on the set of the comedy Mr & Mrs Smith, from Doug Liman, 2005, and will leave shortly after sharing the screen in sea View in 2015, a film written and directed by Angelina Jolie, which tells to camera with the slow dereliction of a couple.

For the Guardian, Mr & Mrs Smith was the staging of a metaphorical love-hatred which animates the ‘ power couple “, a dose of passion and a different competition. sea View is, of course, read retrospectively as an exploration autobiographical to the end of love.

As every separation hollywood high spheres, that of the couple Pitt-Jolie is accompanied by a lot of rumours distilled by the tabloids. They also intertwine, between cinema and reality : Brad Pitt would have an adventure with an actress of his next movie, whose trailer has just, by chance, to be put online, the day after the announcement of the divorce. In Allied, Robert Zemeckis, drama located in Casablanca in 1942, Marion Cotillard will perform with Brad Pitt a fake married couple for the purpose of a mission. Fake couple discovers quickly enough to have feelings real. In the film.

The ramblings of the tabloids seem to be based solely on the participation of the two actors in the film. As if it was normal, since 2005, guess the real lives of these actors and actresses between the lines of their dialogues to the screen. But why ? A performance film could not simply remain separated from the life, without that we come to read an allegory of marriage, in hollywood blockbusters ?

Brad and Angelina, or the rise of ” the acteurisme “

On this point, the critic of american cinema Richard Brody’s book, an interesting analysis : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie embodied perfectly the successive changes in the way in which we understand both the privacy of the stars, and the figure of the actor.

The machine of communication that Hollywood no longer has today the same control over the press, the producers cannot longer control the public life of the actors as in the past, ” says Richard Brody, recalling the scandal caused by the divorce of Ingrid Bergman, who has had a child with Roberto Rossellini before marrying her second marriage.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have always had a severe control on the aspects of their private life which used to filter or not, negotiating fiercely to the photographs of the birth of their children or the revelation of the surgical operations of Angelina Jolie. Until the divorce, which they have mastered the announcement by press release. The counterpart of this phenomenon is that the actors are more exposed than ever. Richard Brody :

” Even if we never really know anything of an actor, there is still a lot, even too much. And this plethora of knowledge has a special effect on the reception and conception of the film. “

This exhibition generates in return a ” humanization “ of the actors, who cease to be calibrated products by the studios that employ them to become whole people. And this change has consequences on the reception of films, notes Richard Brody. the ” humanity “ actors push the film critics to recognize the importance of the physical presence and performance :

” The recognition of the humanity of the actors – the recognition of the simple fact that their physical presence, physical and emotional risks inherent to their appearance on the screen, and, therefore, the endless spiral of rumors that generates life in full light and has profoundly transformed the film critic. “

The artistic performance of the actors tends to make the importance, in opposition to the direction of the latter, which is the responsibility of the director : ” We live in a rise of the acteurisme versus the auteurisme“. the The legacy of Brad-Pitt-Angelina-Jolie will be far from that of the photographs retouched on tabloids glossy paper.


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