Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mickey 3D flies to the rescue of battery chickens – Le Figaro

VIDEO – For her new album, after six years of absence, Mickael Furnon presents a clip with images taken from a spot of the association Animal Equality. He denounces Sebolavy , abuse in industrial poultry farming.

It is necessary that the chicks breathe. This is nothing to say. Especially if you look at the images that illustrate the new clip of Mickey 3D, Sebolavy . In this video shock include DNA Etienne group that made the fight for ecology her pet. He had also met with success with Breathe (2003) whose prophetic clip, imagined the world we were trying to build for our children.

A wise if video at least very metaphorical. What is this time not the case at all Sebolavy . Rougher, the clip shows real images of immersion of the English association Animal Equity in an industrial poultry farm. The sarcastic chorus – “It’s beautiful life when you think about it a little less when the expense, to get excited all day, we end up forgetting everything” – is accompanied by abuse scenes. Chicks, barely out of their shells, are horribly sorted on conveyor belts, and stung with hormones to grow on dung mat in sheds. Before slaughter and finish nuggets.


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