Sunday, September 25, 2016

“Global Citizen Festival” : Rihanna sings in New York city in support of the refugees – Franceinfo


Solidarity with the refugees

Broadcasted live from Central Park, this festival, which has seen the light of day five years ago, featured a performance of famous artists in the world, interspersed with videos and short speeches. Dedicated to the most poor, this edition emphasized the solidarity with the refugees, including from Syria, a country ravaged by war.

The singer Rihanna reminded the crowd that she was coming to Barbados. Other artists in the image of the electronic group Major Lazer, singers Demi Lovato or Ellie Goulding have made their appearance. Yusuf, the musician known as Cat Stevens before his conversion to islam, has called on the spectators to act for that person is “stigmatised” because of his identity.

Tribute to Merkel

of refugees from Syria and South sudan also took the floor during the festival. The organizers have also released a video of Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee in Germany who feeds the homeless. Alex, a six year old child of New York, was also invited on the stage. He had recently written a letter to u.s. president Barack Obama, asking him to come, “the boy carried in an ambulance in Syria,” promising to take care of him. He was thus referring to Omran, 5 years old, a survivor of the bombings in Aleppo, including the photo, in August, had made the tour of the world.

The presenters have finally rented several times, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is facing political difficulties in his country to have allowed the arrival of over one million refugees by 2015.

A concert in November in Mumbai, with Jay Z

tickets for the “Global Citizen Festival” are awarded by a random draw people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty through the platform Global Citizen. The organization that claims more than 6 million shares around the world since its creation in 2012, has found his inspiration in a concert organized in 1971 for Bangladesh organised by former Beatle George Harrison.

The organizers have recently announced the holding of a concert in Bombay on 19 November, which will bring together, among others, rapper Jay Z, the band Coldplay and the star of Bollywood Aamir Khan.


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