Thursday, September 29, 2016

The rapper Rohff in police custody for domestic violence – The Figaro

VIDEO The singer was found on Thursday in regards immediate appearance before the correctional court of Créteil. The prosecution had requested four months in prison against him. On Monday, his wife had lodged a complaint against him delivering the story terrifying violence that he had allegedly been subjected to.

Accused of domestic violence, the rapper Rohff was acquitted on Thursday by the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil. The prosecution had requested four months in prison against him.On Wednesday, he was placed in police custody, and were denied the facts. Nadia, the girlfriend of Rohff, had filed a complaint Monday at the police station in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne, claiming to have been assaulted by the rapper. She accused him of having been violently slapped and pulled the hair to the result of a dispute, all under the eyes of their four year old son.

“I never typed Nadia”, he said the rapper of 38 years this Thursday since the box of the accused where he was found in appearance immediate. He claimed to have only “belted” to calm her, because it was a “crisis of nerves”. The prosecutor, who referred to a context of “violence screening”, and asked that the sentence be accompanied by a warrant of committal, due to the “liability” of the rapper.

The alleged offences date back to the weekend of September 25. A neighbour dismayed by the shouts and blows, would have made in their apartment in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, and would have interrupted a scene of violence between the artist and his wife. A scene that allegedly took place in front of their little five year old boy. The neighbor is said to have remarked then to the police that he would not be the first manifestation of violence on the part of Housni Mkouboi, alias Rohff, to his wife.

“I fell of the clouds when she told me that she is undergoing it for more than five years,” said one of the best friends of the victim to our colleagues in the Paris. “She called me to the rescue Sunday and I was all unpacked: the blows, the insults, the shame, the hope that he would change. She even took a photo of several times, full of coquards, but she had never dared to complain”.

The wife of Rohff finally have decided to leave the marital home with her son. Once at the police station, she would be left on his daily hell: “the obligation to wear the veil”, the standing rebuke “for failing to act in good muslim”.

A piece of information that very strongly for the main party a few hours later on his page on Facebook, accusing The new yorker of wanting to “destroy”. “My son needs his mom more than me so I never the menacerais of death,” said the singer, 38-year-old, screaming “manipulation”. “The mother of my son is not agree with this propaganda crap that is only meant to destroy me (Sic…). My brother has clearly denied and everything is back in order and I like it strong,” he concluded.

Currently under the control of the court, the rapper, the father of four children, has already been denounced for acts of violence against two of his ex-companions. On April 21, 2014, with one of his body guards, he had assaulted a seller and then trashed a store brand of Booba, its biggest rival.


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