Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mostra 2016: Pierre Niney in love, Jude Law, Cécile de France, Ludivine Sagnier … – Pure People

Pierre Niney is undoubtedly become one of the stars of French cinema that everyone pulls. César Award for Best Actor to Yves Saint Laurent , it easily navigates all genres. And then found through Odyssey , Cousteau biopic in which he plays his son, here at the Venice Film Festival on September 3 to defend the beautiful Frantz François Ozon. The essential and elegant actor confronted the photographer with his beloved Natasha Andrews, radiant in an empire gown.

Frantz, sentimental drama in black and white by François Ozon Saturday marked the opening match of the first of two french films in competition at the Venice film Festival. “ The film idea was born from a play written by Maurice Rostand in the 20′s I loved the story of the boy who brings roses on the grave of a German soldier , “said François Ozon, 48, at a press conference in Venice, relayed by AFP.

the plot of Frantz in place after World War II, in a small German town. Anna (Paula Beer), grieving fiancée, went daily to the tomb of Frantz, her lover fell in the French trenches. One day, Adrien, a young French, has also gather at the monument of the deceased. After long hesitation, he went to the home of the young woman, who lives with his parents. Between the two is tied unexpected link that will allow Anna to discover secret parts of Frantz of life.

François Ozon told the complex and ambiguous role of Adrien Pierre Niney, 27. “J e knew he had a big theatrical training, I liked its timeless physics that corresponds to the time that I present in the film ,” said François Ozon.


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