Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saint-Maur : Rohff relaxed for the benefit of the doubt for domestic violence – The Parisian

It has soiled my honour, it should be repaired now “. It is relaxed for the benefit of the doubt, and obviously that wound, that Rohff has left the court of Créteil on Thursday evening, after a hearing, which for more than two hours, was the opposite of his companion. A verdict not surprising, when we know that the victim had announced in the preamble to withdraw his or her complaint, filed Sunday for domestic violence in Saint-Maur. At the conclusion of the hearing, she has even embraced and thanked the lawyer Rohff.

the prosecutor, however, who had required four months of imprisonment, the facts were not in doubt. Pointing out the history of the singer, who has already been imprisoned for violence, he insisted on the withdrawal of a complaint, classic according to him. “We often have this kind of case because a complaint, it is a recognition of the failure of the common life that we wanted to build,” he explained. “It’s more that the folder is not created, defended the lawyer of the rapper. A priori when one receives blows, the medical certificates bear witness to this. However, this is not the case “.

For more than 40 minutes, Rohff and his partner Nadia were once more faced each other. In turn, they delivered the memories of the moments of the most intimate of their history. Without ever looking. By designating by ” Sir ” or ” Madam “. And then they came back on that famous evening, Sunday, where, after yet another quarrel in their house in Saint-Maur, “the Madam” has made the decision to go to the police station. “Everything is part of a history of the telephone, recalls the famous rapper from Vitry. We had a fight, we started to insult her harshly. I hate it, but it always happens there. Between us, it became evil and violent “. By ” modesty and respect “, it will not go any further. But, according to him, she is the manager. “She has pricked a crisis of nerves and wanted to throw out the window. By retaining this evening, I avoided a tragedy “.

Without a glance towards him, Nadia comes to contradict the statements of this man for whom she has ” more feelings “. Because ” we don’t stop loving someone from one day to the next day “. “I have withdrawn my complaint for the good of our child. Since Sunday, everything went very quickly. But he is still the father of my son and if he wants to continue to see, it will show. However, I’ve received punches for several years. I have not lied. “. The voice of the singer rises from the box : “Excuse me, but if I administer a punch to Madame, she remains there. I do the boxing. If I hit, I can assure you that she would be KO. “Discomfort in the audience. Tongues loosen, the exchange becomes more vivid. He would have wanted him to wear the veil, she, would insult their son. It would be anti-semitic, it, bipolar. “I really didn’t want to get there, but she says horrible things,” concludes Rohff.

” I am happy with the judgment, tent Nadia. I’d still have liked an apology, but I know that I did well. This is what I was advised my family. My son will not have a dad in prison.”


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