Saturday, September 3, 2016

Britney Spears: after playback, the singer accused of plagiarism (VIDEO) – France Soir

Déjà vu. The evening of the MTV Music Video Awards, held Sunday 28 in New York was not the best for Britney Spears. After several years of absence, the singer of 34 years has delivered a rather sensual show to celebrate his comeback. Except that his staging strangely resembled that of a candidate for Eurovision 2016 in May. Indeed, during his choreography, the former girlfriend of Justin Timberlake was projected in the background of huge hands in shadow. Exactly the same concept had used Greta Salome, the participant of Eurovision.

Faced with this strange coincidence, one of the team members of Greta Salome, Jonathan Duffy, held to put the record straight on his Facebook account. “Having worked on the application of Iceland at Eurovision this year, I would like to take this opportunity to say: + Britney + nothing”, he wrote. As to the main question, she did not hold it against him, even admitting on Twitter that she “loved Britney and her performance at the VMAs.” Greta Salome wished however to a flash to the singer by releasing a small humorous video.

Above, we can see the listening Gimme more ( “Give me more”), one Britney Spears tubes. “More, more … I do not know if I have many new ideas, indeed” , she joked about Snapchat before adding a layer “I want to thank everyone who attended my show, the day before the MTV Awards. (…) I’m glad you liked my performance. This staging was so, so good.”

Meanwhile, the singer has not convinced during his show at MTW Music Video Awards. Molded in a yellow jumpsuit with sequins, the singer sang in playback to the dismay of the audience and outlined some uncontrolled dance moves. It was enough to arouse the disappointment of users who have not hesitated to know on social networks.

(see below the performance of Britney Spears at the MTV Music Video Awards):


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