Monday, September 5, 2016

The Young Pope: Pope Jude Law thinks he’s God – The Point

It will heat the Vatican. The new pope is called Jude Law and his reign looks outrageously revolutionary. “Your Holiness, your sins?” asks a priest in the new trailer of the series The Young Pope (aired September 30 on Canal +). “I have no sins to confess,” replied the actor. Do not be fooled by her pretty face and her immaculate cassock. Under his appearances holy Nitouche the famous Pius XIII, the first Italian-American sovereign pontiff (fictional) history, Machiavelli is a power intoxicated by power.

“I am a God” will even whisper the person concerned. Cigarette, bloody nose, the man of God out of whack is about to commit the darkest embezzlement, no offense to sister Diane Keaton, who claims to see “the reflection of Christ in him.” Soon, the new bishop of Rome made many enemies. Starting with the cardinals around him, who had favored his election in a very specific purpose.

It was me who was supposed to become Pope!

“You’re a boy with blue eyes. It was me who was supposed to become pope,” protests a cardinal angry. “Knowledge is power. How to get him to resign?” if they ask. Conspiracies are being established. But it’s too late. Furious, Jude Law promises to “lead a war without end” against the men in red. “They chose a pope, they did not know. Today, they begin to understand.” We can already imagine the damage.

Presented at the Venice Film Festival this week, co-production between HBO and Canal + signed Paolo Sorrentino ( The Great Beauty , Youth ) caused a sensation among the public. The initial feedback we promise an unpredictable Pope, atheist, bisexual. “The Antichrist” in person. Poor Church.



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