Monday, September 26, 2016

Divorce from Brad Pitt : humanitarian engagement to Angelina Jolie has had because of their couple – Here

The announcement of the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is still on everyone’s lips. The causes of this breach mediated are beginning to be revealed little by little. If we taught, first, that the excesses of Brad Pitt, had finally tired the actress, on his side, the actor also had things to reproach to the one he has loved for 12 years. According to TMZ, the obsession with Angelina Jolie to become an influential figure at the United Nations was a touchy subject for the couple.

sources close to The Brangelina have explained that the political ambitions of the actress had come to grate on the nerves of Brad Pitt. According to the american media, Angelina Jolie is not even installed in a operating room and listens to the advice of two political advisers, who help make its decisions. But this is not the major reason for their disputes. Brad didn’t really like that his partner takes the kids during his travels in countries at war.

Because even if the actress was surrounded by a substantial security team, to her husband, this was not enough when their children were with her in Iraq. The situation would be even more tense when actress had hinted that she wanted to take the couple’s children in Syria, in order to help the country rebuild. The relatives of the ex-couple said that Brad Pitt had nothing against the humanitarian work of Angelina Jolie, but that he could not bear simply not that children accompanied him.


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