Tuesday, September 6, 2016

With Cyrille Eldin, “Petit Journal” and big malaise – Liberation

And Canal sank a little. How to describe the first of the new Diary with comedian Cyrille Eldin presentation and Flab to production? One hesitates between: sexist, bad product, connivent, ego, not funny. Released Monday night, the return number, the team has yet had time to prepare this summer, was so distressing that it became inconvenient to stay in front of his television at the end of the twenty-two long minutes it lasted .

Note to those who hate Eldin: above all, do not look. It is like all the time, every second or so, top, in the field or in recorded sequences. Mirror, mirror. Monday, it started with a skit where the comedian, filmed plunged into darkness, converse with God. Yes, God, with ease. In this discussion, Eldin evokes “ Anglo-Saxon humor to highlight a more accessible self-deprecating, over left .” Message to Yann Barthes, repainted elitist right? Earlier in the day, Eldin had already sacked his predecessor in World , the issue of which came in he said to “ stigmatize, ridicule each, hold off other . “

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After this funny profession of faith, the show opens in the studio on a big stage, behind a desk where the host starts to talk, how presidential candidate. “ Me Presenter Petit journal, I will be the presenter of all the French, and finally those who look … I inverserai the trend of Canal + hearings before the end of 2016, if I finally ”m lucky … I say ill of my predecessor, but honestly it was a very positive … “if we did not understand, the issue will treat political news with (auto) derision, setting abyss of the new Canal included. But without guest tonight. “ They all refused ” concedes Eldin, forced to have “ use old methods .” Magneto, Serge.

“I fell in love”

In the field, we find Eldin, microphone in hand, speaking to the camera, in the style it is clean, pending a political personality in the hallway. Which ? Huge suspense … Here Emmanuel Macron. The darling of Eldin, with whom the actor recite love of Molière before Bercy. The former Minister of Economy, in which Eldin went to dinner with Houellebecq, as revealed by the writer in the former Diary that of Barthes. In collusion, the new foal Canal +? “ I am not very objective with him, I fell in love ” confesses Eldin. Critical to wink. Self-deprecating and setting abyss, you are told. In the same sequence, we find Eldin addressing the audience came to listen Macron: “ We are getting closer to you, real life people. So far, we kept you at a distance. “Certainly, anti-barthèsisme an obsession. To believe that education is the very top, the office of the boss.

At this time of the issue, it has not laughed. But we have not reached the highest stage of embarrassment. This one comes when we find Eldin sitting in the audience. To his right, a very pretty young brunette woman, Sandrine Calvayrac. To his left, a young beautiful blonde woman, Mathilde Wargnier. The two special envoys who will help to make Eldin Eldin field because Eldin has beautiful converse with God, he has not yet the gift of ubiquity. “ Polling ” as he said. “ You still inexperienced, but I count on your freshness, your false candor, your curiosity but mostly common sense to put their face political contradictions ,” he said.

“the bottom of the pool”

Following a report which shows Eldin present at several meetings of Republicans, his two new colleagues to all male pundits to the right, too happy to shake hands and kiss smack in these charming and naive girls who are trying to make some jokes in the manner of mentor. Perfectly in his role, one of the reporters -Sandrine- find NKM goes and starts talking to him to “ sisterhood .” The same goes to François Baroin, even more embarrassed that the viewer, saying she “ love ‘his voice. And Juppé, Eldin says Matilda “ assets ” to make, smile. Super redneck.

After a show without rhythm, without idea and staging indigent, Eldin finally launching a skit where he does not appear. But finally, perhaps we preferred when he was there. This is a parody song of diversion of Isabelle Adjani, “Pull Marine”, dating from 1983 with actor Michel Fau. Both filmed and produced a TV movie of AB Productions, she apparently evokes Burkini but frankly, we have not understood the meaning of the thing, even after three viewings. Except the first words: “ I touched the bottom of the pool … ” Self-mockery or setting abyss? The catastrophe is total, the great discomfort and guaranteed shipwreck. The Diary of Eldin we managed to do that, yeah, after all, Hanouna is not so bad. He is strong, Bolloré, anyway.

Jerome Lefilliâtre


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