Cyrille Eldin, host of the” Petit Journal “. – Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

“I have not heard from Cyrille Eldin, not even a text message. So I do not have much to say ”
 Yann Barthes declared late August to TV 2 Weeks . On Monday, the former leader of the Petit journal can still see
 on Le Monde to know what becomes its successor
 tonight at 20: 30 on Canal +.

“Yann Barthes has always had style, finesse, humor but it could in time become a moralizing hair” balance Cyrille Eldin promises that his Petit journal to it will be “more messy” and “closer to the public.” And to drive the point: “My thing is, the field rather than receiving people from a chair in a comfortable situation. Looking for something a little more real, a little more transparent. Which turns a little less around the assembly. “

About hardly diplomatic showing that Cyrille Eldin clearly seeks to stand out from its predecessor and not to be part of his lineage. The troublemaker must forget Yann Barthes, who embodies the image of the Petit journal in the collective mind, thus taking the lead.

“correct be is to have the courage to be in front of policy. This is not to seek to have a microphone that drags on or off a lookout in a slide. When you enter a room with fifty members of the FN and you are alone, it is better to try to be smart to destabilize, “concludes the new leader of the Petit journal . A final hint to reporters methods of the previous version of the show. Obviously, Yann and Cyril are not about to exchange SMS anytime soon …