Saturday, September 3, 2016

If Banksy was the lead singer of Massive Attack? – The Express

Who is Banksy? Soon appears a work of the mysterious street artist, the question arises again. The latest theory dated just a Scottish journalist, Craig Williams, who assumes that Banksy could be this time Massive Attack’s leader, Robert “3D” Del Naja, or a collective of artists who accompanies on tour .

Spotted by the Daily Mail article published on his blog points out that on several occasions the stamped Banksy works have appeared worldwide when Massive Attack was in the area. In 2010, the paintings were discovered in San Francisco on May 1, days after two British concerts on 25 and 27 April. Even coincidence in Toronto, Canada, where three stencils appeared May 9, 2010, day of another show of Massive Attack.

Another identity evoked

The blogger gives other examples in Boston, New York or Los Angeles, but also in Australia and even in Naples, in Italy. If Robert Del Naja is indeed Banksy, or a relative of the collective that is hiding behind the name, this would also explain the friendship between the two men, the singer has also a history of graffiti. In addition, it appeared in the film Make the wall! , directed by Banksy, who wrote the preface to a book on Massive Attack in 2015. A coincidence?

However, in 2008, a survey by the Mail on Sunday already gave a name to the artist without a face. This would be a Robin Cunningham, a graduate of the Bristol Cathedral Choir School, a theory supported by a scientific study published in March, says Le Monde . It used the method of “geographic profiling”, better known in the world of criminology, to conclude that Banksy had every chance to be the man, depending, again, places the works appeared.

Finally, Banksy’s statements suggest he is younger than Robert Del Naja. “When I was 10, a young called 3D graffait in the streets,” the artist wrote in his foreword last year. Unless Robert Del Naja is not the artist himself, but the gang leader. Banksy may be “rather a group that followed Massive Attack through the years by painting the walls at their convenience,” concludes Craig Williams. “That’d be cool,” he wrote.


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