Monday, September 5, 2016

Le Petit Journal – Yann Barthes’ moralizing hair “Cyrille Eldin attack – Pure People

This is Monday, September 5 that Le Petit Journal will return on Canal + … without Yann Barthes. The latter preferred to live new adventures in the TF1 group has been replaced by Cyrille Eldin. Former columnist Extra will be surrounded by Mathilde Warnier as announced Le Parisien of the day.

The young woman had been remarked in 2011, in in the Field of the night for his clash with Nicolas Bedos. “ I read your preface and I said, ‘Well, it absolutely bears all things.’ (…) So I’m pretty disappointed. And finally, I have nothing more to say, really “, ‘she told him. However comedian replied: “ You have a pretty face but you’re a bitch (…) Put your microphone in the ass and get the hell .” If she had not, despite numerous requests, wanted to incorporate emissions after that time, she finally accepted the proposal of Canal + in the last few months, as Sandrine Calvayrac, former columnist Stéphane Bern on France 2 .

at the launch of the new format of the Diary , Cyrille Eldin gave an interview to the World and did not hesitate to criticize the show at the time when it was led by Yann Barthes. The facilitator intends to distinguish itself from its predecessor by addressing “ policies of another way ” and obtaining “ casually, lightly, news, without necessarily ridicule “because according to him, Le Petit Journal Yann Barthes was” very product “:” There was plenty of sequences, jagged. My Petit journal will be a little messy. And closer to the audience (…). Yann Barthes has always had style, finesse, humor, but it could time become a moralizing hair. “and to clarify that” looking for something a little more real, a little more transparent, which turns a little less about the mounting . “

pikes that should not fall into deaf ears … and pronounced revenge? Recall that during his interview for TV two weeks , Yann Barthes somewhat scratched his replacement in confident: “ I have not heard from Cyrille Eldin, not even an SMS . So I have not much to say.


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