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Salah Abdeslam remains silent before the judges – The Obs

The only surviving member of the commandos of the attacks of 13-November, Salah Abdeslam, arrived Thursday, September 8 in the morning at the Paris courthouse for a hearing by the anti-terrorist judges.

He was taken from his cell in Fleury-Merogis, south of Paris in the morning and his convoy, under maximum supervision, arrived around 7:30.

for the third time in front the judge, “he exercised his right to silence during questioning that lasted about 1h30,” said after the hearing his lawyer Frank Berton french alongside his Belgian colleague Sven Mary.

“This right belongs to him, it is not debatable,” explained the lawyer. “There is hope that one day or the other Salah Abdeslam answer the judge’s questions “but” it’s not for today. ” According to the lawyer, “another appointment will certainly be set by the judge.”

The shadows

Questions remain about its exact role in the evening of the attacks. Having ferried by car the three suicide bombers to the Stade de France, Salah Abdeslam parked in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, seems to have wandered in the night, before being exfiltrated by two friends came for the from Belgium and delivered end of June by the Belgian authorities in France.

on 25 March, “Le Monde” reported that he told the Belgian investigators on March 19 the day after his arrest:

“I gave up when I parked the car I dropped my three passengers and I restarted I rolled randomly, I.. am stationed somewhere, I do not know where. I closed my vehicle, I took the key with me and I went in Montrouge station. I made a few metro stops, one or two. I then . off the subway I walked to a phone store, I bought a phone and I contacted one person. Mohamed Amri “

Near the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged organizer attacks, Salah Abdeslam also had a role of logistician, renting vehicles and hideouts in Paris. Investigators also believe he was involved in the movement of jihadists in Europe.

A shit evening and McDonald

On the night of November 13, Salah Abdeslam fled in the stairwell of a city of Châtillon before exfiltration by his friends to Belgium, as reported “L’Observateur” June 15

Looking for a quiet place he made the acquaintance of students with whom he discusses. He eats a menu bought at McDonald’s and smoke the shit.

shit and McDonalds evening Salah Abdeslam with high school students

A technical problem?

Abdeslam dropped an explosive belt, suggesting he should also conduct a suicide attack while his accomplices were sowing death on café terraces or at the Bataclan.

during his hearing by the Belgian investigators 19 March, he claimed to have given up blow with his explosive belt.

But according to an article in the “World” March 25, Abid Aberkan, cousin with whom he fled Molenbeek, arrested the same day, said Salah Abdeslam had told him that his belt “lacked liquid”. This supports the view of an abandoned for technical reasons, not moral.


Since his transfer from Belgium to France on April 27, the key suspect of the attacks Paris and Saint-Denis silent.

on 20 May, during his first hearing at the Paris courthouse by anti-terrorist magistrates, he had said nothing. “He did not wish to speak today,” had informed her lawyer Frank Berton, saying “he would later”.

Frank Berton bound to silence its video Standing in Fleury-Merogis, where the prisoner most watched France is imprisoned in isolation.

video surveillance

to prevent any escape attempt or suicide, Abdeslam is filmed by two cameras in his cell, and by others in the gym and walks.

in late July, the State Council said that the device was not disproportionate given the “exceptional nature of terrorist acts” for which he is charged.

“the debate is not over,” said Frank Berton was however late July in an interview to “Obs.”

Frank Berton: “The debate is not over”

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