Friday, September 23, 2016

The Grand Journal de Canal+ will switch back to unencrypted? – The Express

The hearings are historically low: with 103 000 viewers Thursday night, Le Grand Journalhas never been so little looked since its launch in 2004. Broadcast half-encrypted, until 19: 50, and half in the clear, the issue had not participated in the famous competition of theaccess which takes place between all mainstream channels, according to the words of Victor Robert, the leader of the Grand Journal interviewed by Live Morning Monday.

“I see some in the media who continue to put us at the heart of a competition in which you no longer participate, showed it. It may be that Canal+ will decide to return one day. But this year, we were asked to make a first part for the subscribers, and a second part which is continuous with the first.”

Big, Great and Little in clear

According to the site Puremédias, Le Grand Journal would be pushed back yet as of Monday -a week after the declarations of Victor and Robert in the clear over the whole of its time slot.

“all programs broadcast between 19h and 21h will now be accessible to all,” says the site, which means that The Big Journal, Le Grand Journal and The Diary would give up the encrypted.

Contacted by The Express, the communication service of the Canal+ group, has not returned our calls Friday.


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