Friday, September 30, 2016

The Life of Adèle is banned eventually to under 12 years of age, Le Figaro

VIDEO - the ministry of Culture objected to the application for the requalification of the Palm d’or in 2013. The Council of State has just given reason. The film will thus not forbidden under 16 years of age.

The State Council finally decided in favor of the ministry of Culture. Reversing the decision of the administrative court of appeal of Paris, which demanded the reconsideration of the prohibition for minors under the age of twelve, the Council of State which therefore enables the feature film The Life of Adèle to remain visible from the same age category.

last December, the administrative court of appeal had held that “multiple sex scenes presented in a realistic way” were “offensive to the sensibilities of the young audience”. She had requested a new review of the visa to the request to Promote (a close association of the catholic traditionalists). The ministry of Culture was then immediately announced its intention to introduce an appeal before the Council of State.

The latter, in a decision issued Wednesday, September 28, considers that “if the sex scenes in question, although simulated, are of a character of realism is undeniable, they are, on the one hand, free of all violence, and on the other hand, filmed without the intention degrading”. The film, narrating a love story between Lea Seydoux and the young Adèle Exarchopoulos, won the Palme d’or in 2013.

The association will Promote held to govern this decision, lamenting “a hardware error is particularly glaring and undeniable” judges of the Council of State. “The High Court, in effect, is based on the fact that these scenes would have been simulated, while it was public knowledge that they were not and that the actresses have themselves repeated several times”.

The case is therefore remanded to the administrative court of appeal of Paris. In its decision in the first instance, in September 2014, it had already rejected the association to Promote.


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