Saturday, September 3, 2016

cold shower in Malibu Pamela Anderson on a crusade against the ravages of porn –

Who would have guessed it would be Pamela Anderson, muse of the first sextape webcast and often actress naked in the series Baywatch which would address the porn industry?

public health Problem

the American-Canadian actress is co-authored an article in the serious Wall Street Journal denouncing the consequences of pornographic films on society and eroticism. She joined forces with the Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to make clear to more people possible “! Porn is for losers (losers)”

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They even call the public health problem of porn. “ From our respective points of view, as an advisor Rabbi and former actress modeled for Playboy, we have often warned against the destructive effects of pornography on men’s souls as well as their ability to function as husbands and by extension, as fathers, “it is written. In support of their statements, the two allies use the example of the recent misadventures of former addicted to sexting politician Anthony Weiner: the latter being made left by his wife, one of the counselors’ Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, after he sent a close-up shot of her panties (with his son just dozing off) a supporter of candidate Donald Trump presidential encountered on Twitter


Death of eroticism

If you do not know if consumed regularly or Weiner not porn, the authors of the platform have in any case seen fit to associate with these claims to illustrate what is for them a “unprecedented trouble the good of humanity.” They going to compare to that porn addiction to cannabis, encrypting that in both cases, 9% of consumers have tried to wean without success. For the relevance of the statistical data, we can forget. In addition, marijuana is not particularly addictive drug, and would have many virtues

However, Pamela Anderson has not become a holy little hypocrite. She expressed regret in his paper that the porn industry has killed the magazine Playboy , the famous erotic magazine, more in the art of suggestion and lights in the porn film flood stage. For these reasons, it exhorts readers: “Make a promise: more porn.”

Sex Drive

If the paper can be judged as awkward, it puts the other hand finger on a social phenomenon around which is some omerta (one wonders why): the immense popularity of porn. According staggering figures of 2012, 25% of queries in search engines relate porn. 65 million searches a day. Finally, 70% of young people aged 18 to 24 looking more or less regularly sexually oriented sites. the remaining 30% we bet strongly compounds are liars.

And it may well be that porn has, as foreseen, an influence on the libido of its consumers. As we talked about in this article, the men – who make up two thirds of this audience who likes to get an eyeful – would suffer the brunt of the effects of these trips polissonnes on the net, experiencing HSDD. According to a very serious study published by the Italian Society of Andrology and Medicine sexuality, “porn on the internet is killing the sexuality of young men.” In fact, generalized access to classified sites X through computers and tablets, the democratization of the Internet and free of many of these platforms drives us to uncontrolled and impulsive consumption, which ultimately decreases our sensitivity to pleasure

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