Thursday, September 29, 2016

Television : the fee will increase to eur 2, – The Parisian

Lroyalty-tv will increase by 2 euros in 2017, announced the minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay presenting the part of the project of finance Law relating to his ministry.

The fee for the public broadcasting that the taxpayer is a non-exempt discharge at the same time as their housing tax, will therefore be scope to 139 euros,

This increase is required to fund the 1.6% of the budget of the public audiovisual sector, which must be established by 2017 to 3.9 billion euros. “The strict rule of indexation on inflation was 1 euro, but, in order to finance the public audiovisual sector, we have decided to add an additional euro “, says one to the ministry.

The fee will increase to 14 euros in the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, from 125 to 139 euros, to put in parallème with an increase of € 9 under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy (it was increased from 116 to 125 euros between 2007 and 2012).

Overall, the appropriations allocated to the culture to reach 10 billion euros, an increase of 4.9%, in the project of finance law for 2017, passing the symbolic threshold of 1% of the State budget to 1.1%, After the accession of François Hollande at the Elysée palace, the budget of the culture was reduced successively to 4% in 2013 and 2% in 2014, before stabilising in 2015, and then starting to increase again in 2016 (+2.7 percent).


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