Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fanny Ardant: Croque Monsieur speaks about marriage – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The actress begins Tuesday September 6 theater in Michodière comedy Marcel Mithois. And entrusts its need to laugh in these hours disorders

There is in it a sense of absolute blaze which makes high -. And a taste of lightness prevails to laughter and pleasure of the moment. Fanny Ardant will always prefer the audacity and arrogance to consensus faders modes and masses. Better to burn the wings that follow the herd paths. She fears that the problem is why it is never where you expect. After its staging of Passion of Love at the Chatelet, the actress again, starting on 6 September and until November 6, a role created by Jacqueline Maillan Croque Monsieur , Marcel Mithois, with delicious Bernard Menez partner.

LE FIGARO. – Surprised to see you in Croque-Monsieur, who sacred Jacqueline Maillan star of the boulevard! What made you decide to become a comedienne?

Fanny Ardant . – I wanted to try the difficult art of making people laugh. And I also wanted to feel the laughter of the audience. I happened to turn in films where I could laugh, smile, like Confidentially Yours! , François Truffaut, Jean-Louis Trintignant. But it is not a question of the same mechanisms. And it’s a great freedom to laugh when nothing goes well

What is your character

My first words are:.? “Let good widow … again! “this is Coco Baisos who finds that her husband has been killed and this introduction made me laugh! It’s not great literature, but it is effective and relatively late. Without taking itself seriously, the piece says things about love, marriage. What characterizes my character is the love of life. We are in the happy years in France. In the 1960s, the economic boom. The Pompidou years, Jackie Kennedy … What I like in Coco is that it is its way of life: how to continue to live well, that is the question. She likes money, but it is not snobbish. Simply, it is forbidden anything. I see the image of a Françoise Sagan who drive too fast, and smoke, and drink!

Thierry Klifa, who signs the staging, has led you for days in the trees of Marguerite Duras. A completely different note …

I often come back to Marguerite Duras. There was at the time a boldness that was lost. Sexual freedom, freedom of thought were meaningful things. I still have trouble understanding that the revolutionaries of 68 have become good citizens of the followers of the “politically correct” came from the United States. I have never had a fascination for America. When we went to New York to present Confidentially Yours! , journalists asked me if I fancied a career in Hollywood. And I said I saw myself better in Eastern Europe. It was years before the Wall fell, it had cast a cold!

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