Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rohff, the wife of the rapper files a complaint for domestic violence – The Figaro

the wife of The musician comes to complain. The relatives of the young woman witness to the distress of it and deliver a narrative terrifying violence that he had allegedly been subjected to.

According to the Paris, the wife of Rohff allegedly filed a complaint Monday, September 26, against the rapper’s 9-4 for violence conjuguales. For his part, the musician would have filed a handrail when he knew that his wife was going to file a complaint against him.

The facts date back to Sunday, 25 September. A neighbour dismayed by the shouts and blows, would have made in their apartment in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, and would have interrupted a scene of violence between the rapper 38-year-old and his wife. A scene that allegedly took place in front of their 5 year old boy. The neighbor is said to have remarked then to the police that he would not be the first manifestation of violence on the part of Housni Mkouboi, alias Rohff, to his wife.

It would be assigned on his daily hell : “the obligation to wear the veil”, the standing rebuke “for failing to act in good muslim”

“I fell of the clouds when she told me that she is undergoing it for more than five years,” said one of the best friends of the victim to our colleagues in the Paris. “She called me to the rescue Sunday and I was all unpacked: the blows, the insults, the shame, the hope that he would change. She even took a photo of several times, full of coquards, but she had never dared to lodge a complaint.”

The wife of Rohff finally have decided to leave the marital home with her son. Once at the police station, she would be left on his daily hell: “the obligation to wear the veil”, the standing rebuke “for failing to act in good muslim”.

According to the Paris, the victim would have visited a hospital only once, pregnant, though she had been struck. “She arrived there in blood and full of coquards, but she had not dared to denounce them”, reportedly said a source close to the folder. “He was in front of us the image of a good father, attentive, who came home to bottle feed her baby, did her five prayers a day,” continues the friend of the victim. However, it has made Nadia a woman terrorized, emaciated, folded on itself.”

Currently under the control of the court after the rapper, a father of four children, has already been denounced for acts of violence against two of his ex-companions. This was the case of Maeva, which is known to have been a part of for several years The method Cauet on TF1. The columnist had stated then that “this old love made him live in misery, in him imposing his rules of life, namely, the wearing of the veil and stop her work, if she wanted to be his wife”. Neighbors of the couple that she formed at the time with the rapper, too, have been summoned by the authorities to testify.

Rohff must be tried for violence, aggravated. On April 21, 2014, with one of his body guards, he had assaulted a seller and then trashed a store brand of Booba, his greatest rival. The rapper had been detained for two months in the prison of Fresnes before the footballer Samuel eto’o of cameroon fails to pay his bail. A psychiatric expert had detected in him “a functioning narcissistic personality, in a context of a megalomaniac to structuring distinctly paranoid”.

On Facebook, the rapper has responded on Facebook, denouncing accusations that are slanderous and about fallacies from our colleagues in the Paris:


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