Sunday, September 4, 2016

In Venice, Jude Law in young Pope in the series of Paolo Sorrentino – USAinformations

One of the first scenes of this TV series in ten episodes sets the tone and transports the viewer to the heart of Vatican, revisited by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, which the College of Cardinals has elected the first American pope.

Lenny Belardo, who took the name Pius XIII, appears in the first two episodes, shown Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, as in himself: a boy raised in an orphanage, ironic , ruthless, evil, beset by doubt and that power reveals.

“The Young Pope,” a series of Paolo Sorrentino, the trailer

Pius XIII, a “leader” Machiavellian

The Secretary of State, Vatican number two, played by Italian actor Silvio Orlando, first tries to handle it, but loses its Latin face his “chef” Machiavellian, inveterate smoker, amateur Coca cola to cherry, before finally getting into his playing.
the “adoptive mother” of the young pope, Sister Mary, played by Diane Keaton, arrives at the Vatican where she quickly appointed personal secretary to Pope to the dismay of the cardinals who wonder who handles that.
photography and music in this first foray into the world of Sorrentino TV series are particularly “cinégéniques”. The decor, which restores the Holy See in detail, also gives the viewer the impression of entering this world of secrets and intrigue that is the Vatican.

A diametrically opposite to the current pope pope

When asked by reporters in Venice who wondered if he was worried reactions from the Vatican and Pope Francis face this often funny story but very biting, Paolo Sorrentino replied that it was “the Vatican problem, not mine “.
” But if they look to the end, they will see that this is a job that attacks with curiosity and honesty, not with the intention of causing, contradictions , difficulties and fascinating lives of the clergy, religious and the pope, “said he said.
” Pope we imagined is diametrically opposed to the current Pope, because this could . it is possible to produce a liberal pope is followed by a very different, “he added

Jude Law.” it’s a complex character “

” I think that it is illusory to think that the Church has embarked on a long journey towards more liberalism. Pope Francis is not like ours, but it is not inconceivable that there could have one like this one day, “added the Italian director.
Jude Law eagerly awaited Saturday night on the red carpet of the Festival, said he was delighted to have worked with Sorrentino, director of “the great bellezza” (2013) and “Youth” (2015).

“Paolo manages to create a beautiful visual language, and being a color on his palette was a real joy,” said the British actor. “I was attracted by the idea of ​​playing a character rich in contradictions like that, “he added.” it’s a complex character, full of facets, and in addition, it is a character playing a character, “said he still felt .


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