screen Capture of Franck Attal, who was responsible for Bygmalion of the organization of the meetings of campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012. Video France 2 – France 2/Special Envoy

the investigation into The politico-financial case Bygmalion was expected. This Thursday evening, the magazine special Envoy on France 2 broadcast a report about the system of false invoices that would have allowed the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy to exceed the legal ceiling of campaign expenditure for the presidential election of 2012. The red thread of this survey is Franck Attal, ex-leader of Bygmalion responsible for the organisation of meetings of the candidate of the right. Back on the highlights of this report is sensitive to the former head of State, and that has caused for France 2 a engueulade monster about the date of its release, prior to the primary to the right…

The time when everything was derailed. According to Franck Attal, in charge of the meetings of campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, the slippage comes after a meeting in Marseille, on February 19, 2012. The team of the candidate who believes that it is not quite grand, despite its cost of 770,000 euros.

According to the organizer, the president’s advisers decide to go upmarket, and command them to Franck Attal of the most beautiful meetings, which will incur additional costs. On 7 march, after five meetings, the director of campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that it is necessary to limit the expenditure, at the risk of bursting the legal ceiling of campaign expenditure (€22.5 million). However, the meeting of Villepinte on march 11, worthy of a blockbuster movie, it is going to cost 5.619.405 euros. The machine seems to be impossible to stop, as the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to increase the number of its public meetings.

The ploy, a double-billing. at the End of march, Franck Attal said to have been summoned to the headquarters of the UMP by Jerome Lavrilleux, deputy director of the campaign. He would have said to him : “There was a ceiling on the campaign accounts and we will not be able to continue like that. [...] We will move the billing. [...] You we deliver meetings in the usual formats, and there is a part of the billing related to the meeting, which will be billed to the UMP and as a result, it will allow us to hold the line campaign, ” would have said Jérôme Lavrilleux. “I have a sensation that tells me “you are trapped” “, explains Franck Attal-facing camera. A double accounting system would then have been put in place between the accounts of the presidential campaign and those of the UMP. This version is however disputed by Jérôme Lavrilleux, which asserts that the double billing would have been decided on 6 may, the evening of the second round of the presidential election.

in the Face of journalists, Guy Alvès, one of the two founders of the agency Bygmalion, says he has been obliged to accept the ploy of a double billing if he wanted to sink his business.

false conventions of the UMP to pay Bygmalion. According to the invoices that has kept Franck Attal on a USB key, meetings of campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy at 700,000 euros would cost, on paper, that 100,000 euros. In total, € 18 million of false invoices were allegedly submitted to the UMP in order to pay for the presidential campaign. The company would then be reimbursed by the party of the right by charging false meetings. Other bills submitted to the UMP, for t-shirts, train tickets, make-up, would have otherwise been forgotten. “

that said Nicolas Sarkozy. The former candidate told the justice did not know Franck Attal. Neither have heard of the company Bygmalion during the campaign. Solicited by the teams of'special Envoy, neither Nicolas Sarkozy nor his entourage did not accept to answer their questions. The prosecutor’s office in Paris has required the reference to corrections of Nicolas Sarkozy and thirteen others indicted for illegal financing of his 2012 campaign. The co-investigating judges will decide in early October whether they relate, or not, Nicolas Sarkozy before a criminal court.

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