Sunday, September 25, 2016

VIDEO Clashed by Yann Moix, Slimane (The Voice) rebukes with talent – Here

It was a first for Slimane, but a successful first ! This Saturday night, the big winner of the latest season of The Voice was the guest of Laurent Ruquier for a new number for the show It is not lying on France 2. As is the tradition, the singer came to sit on the white chair to confront the opinion of two reviewers, Vanessa Burggraf and Yann Moix on his first album.

This last was launched hostilities in the first by claiming : “In fact, the only one I can identify in your generation, it is Nekfeu, because he came twice here. If not, I will confuse all. You, Claudio Capéo… I came just to distinguish it from the mass Nekfeu. All the other they look a little like . But who are all these other, wondering-Laurent Ruquier. “All those in which I do not remember (…) there is one that has a hat instead of the beanie, you is a bonnet instead of a hat… “

But Slimane has not dismantled a single second in response to him : “It’s the same for me, coming here, I thought I’d see Zemmour. “ A response that is fun and well sent, which earned him a wave of applause from the public. Slightly miffed, Yann Moix him then said “I will not allow you not to insult me “before resuming with a sense of humour :” you have not watched the show, because I am in the place of Eric Naulleau. “


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