Thursday, September 29, 2016

Recommendation to the strings to remove the direct : the ministry of the Interior denies – Tv

The department of the Interior, he advised tv stations to postpone their live broadcasts of a few minutes ? It is in any case what was revealed this morning on the Great live media of Europe 1. A provision that would allow them to make the antenna to time in the event of an incident or a terrorist attack.

But being approached by Télé-Loisirs, the place Beauvau has firmly denied this information. “there has been no reference or recommendation on the management of live broadcasts or in public “, says Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesperson for the ministry. At their request, a fortnight ago, the minister received representatives of the press and of audiovisual. After this meeting, it was decided to establish a contact group to exchange on the respective practices. If tv channels have decided to take action, it is their own initiative“.

>>> the ministry of The Interior recommends that the channels no longer broadcast live programs

on The side of France Télévisions and C8, it indicates not to have received any mail from the ministry. Quoted by the blog, Cyril Hanouna said that his show Key not at my post ! would continue to be broadcast live, without any lag. On the other hand, TF1 has decided to apply, since the end of last week, a “time delay (very slight delay) for The Debrief and The Daily Secret Story…, And justifies this decision by the “desire to have a perfect command of its antenna“. This evening, the prime of Secret Story will thus be a 3-minute shift.

Remains to be seen whether the chain will apply the precautionary principle to its other programming… “We ask the questions on a case-by-case basis,” says the French tv channel TF1, which reflects again the device that it intends to implement for the final The Voice Kids October 8, and for the arrival of Dancing with the stars on the 15th of the same month.

BONUS : In the Key not at my post, live broadcast, there is always a lot of things… Like when Cyril Hanouna has settled its accounts with Philippe Bouvard, who had criticized a little earlier…


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