Mathilde Warnier and Cyril Eldin, at the first of the “Petit Journal”, a new formula. – Channel+

The young woman will not hold for long. Three weeks after his arrival in the Diary of Canal +, Mathilde Warnier makes the weapons. Since 5 September, she was alongside the new presenter of the program Cyrille Eldin, and Sandrine Calvayrac, ex-columnist in the show How it goes ! on France 2.

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While it was his first for three weeks on tv, Mathilde Warnier has announced the end of this short adventure on Instagram. “Freedom feels so good !
bye bye tv ” (” freedom is so good, goodbye tv “), she posted on her personal account, visibly relieved by this decision (the post has been deleted since).

Capture d'écran the post Instagram of  Mathilde Warnier annonçant his départ of  the «Diary», publié September 25,  2016 and supprimé since.
Screenshot of the post Instagram of Mathilde Warnier announcing his departure of the “Petit Journal”, published September 25, 2016 and removed since. – Instagram Mathilde Warnier

Freshly landed on the Channel, Mathilde Warnier was made known in 2011 on the plateau ofThe Field in the night on TF1, when his altercation with comedian Nicolas Bedos. Five years after his first steps on tv have been of short duration.

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Contacted by 20 Minutes, Mathilde Warnier has not wished to respond to the interview requests.

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