Monday, September 26, 2016

Hearings Sunday : TF1 in the lead with “Captain Philips” – Europe1

the French tv channel TF1 is one of the leading audiences on Sunday evening with the film Captain Philips, watched by 4.9 million people, or 24% audience share. In second place came the series of France 3 investigations of Murdoch : 2.6 million viewers and 11.6% of the audience. Finally, in the third position will place France 2 with Sunday 20.45 the new issue of Laurent Delahousse, devoted to the first issue of the Vatican, watched by 2.3 million viewers and more than 14% of hearing.

And the side of the TNT ? France 5 is one of the leading chains of the TNT Sunday night with a documentary about the rice looked 225.000 viewers.

audiences of the weekend. Saturday night, it is The Voice Kids, broadcast on TF1, who arrived first of the hearings : 4.3 million viewers and 24% of the audience. The greatest cabaret in the world, presented by Patrick Sébastien on France 2, has occurred only in the third position behind the series Murders in la Ciotat broadcast on France 3. Friday night, it is still TF1, which came first with Koh-Lanta (more than 5 million, 27%), which is the best audience of the end of the week.


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