the PS4 Pro will be available Nov. 10 to 399 euros. – SONY

Sony responds to Microsoft. On Wednesday, the Japanese manufacturer has unveiled two new versions of the Playstation 4. And its strategy is perplexing.

The first console has no name and will replace the Playstation 4 on 16 September. Slightly thinner and more compact, with rounded corners, it will cost 299 euros, the same price as the Xbox One S launched this summer. So far, so good.

A 4K Blu-ray on the Xbox One S but not on the PS4 Pro

The second is thus called PS4 Pro and will be available Nov. 10 to 399 euros, with a hard drive of 1TB. More powerful, it focuses on content 4K, both games and videos. Except that Sony made a very questionable choice: The console does not carry a Blu-ray player 4K ( “Ultra HD” or UHD). A representative of Playstation France confirmed to 20 Minutes . This means that a simple software update will not fix the problem.

Why such a decision? “To focus on the games and streaming 4K”, including via Netflix, told the BBC the Playstation boss, Andy House. Yeah. While 4K content is still scarce, make a cross on the UHD Blu-ray, while Sony is still the father of the technology is a shame even to save a few euros … Especially when we know the latest Xbox One S, to 299 euros, has updated its scanner for 4K.

a PS4 Pro not powerful enough games in true 4K native

side games, we watched the shimmering 4K graphics, including the future Horizon Zero Dawn . Some older titles will qualify via a patch (change 4K in the video below on a compatible monitor).

Except that in practice, Sony has chosen a hybrid solution that combines the ‘software extrapolation and raw computing power. In clear, the PS4 Pro probably is not powerful enough to provide true native 4K, very greedy.

According to Mark Cerny, chief architect of the console, the PS4 Pro is “twice more powerful “than its predecessor (4.2 teraflops against 1.84 teraflops). The Project Scorpio Microsoft released in 2017, is advertised as four times more powerful than the Xbox One (6 teraflops against 1.3 teraflops). Scorpio would be 50% more powerful than the PS4 Pro, which could allow it to offer games in 4K native – and a virtual reality experience probably more satisfying

Sony finds herself with two consoles. too close to one another technologically and can no longer claim the palm of power in 2017. with 40 million sold PS4, it certainly has a wide lead, but Microsoft clearly has a role to play. Christmas 2017 promises