Thursday, September 29, 2016

“Narcotic” : Delon chooses Juppé as Sarkozy’s “dropped” – Le Parisien

Alain Delon is a man sensitive and sentimental. Guest Wednesday evening of “Amazing”, the issuance of Léa Salame on France 2, the sacred monster of French cinema has claimed that his preferences were now to Alain Juppé, after having supported Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, which, according to him, the abandoned today.

Asked who he would give his vote if he were to vote, Alain Delon replied to Alain Juppé, and not for the former head of State, with whom he was said friend. “It is him (editor’s note. Nicolas Sarkozy) which has left me, this is not for me”, explained the actor for this turnaround.

“I dropped, he insisted. I don’t even know if I exist in his eyes. What do you want me to do, that I may go to him crawl ?” “All of this because one day, la presse, who said, bullshit, has alluded to me and to the FN, since I never recalled”, he added.

VIDEO. Why Alain Delon chooses Alain Juppe

The support has in any case enjoyed the team of Alain Juppé. His right arm Gilles Boyer has relayed the information on twitter.

Alain Delon has several times varied in its political choices. In 2013, it had provided support to Anne Hidalgo the mayor of Paris. In 2014, he had appeared in a campaign clip of Christine Boutin for the european elections.

A little later in the broadcast, Alain Delon reaffirms “his friendship of 50 years with Jean-Marie Le Pen”. He adds that he “does not support today what her daughter has done.”

If he maintains that, “for the moment”, he does not vote FN, he added that, “against the background of ideas, they are more arrogant and more direct than all the others, them at least we know what it is”.

Alain Delon says that it is right, but not of the extreme right.


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