Sunday, September 4, 2016

Venice Film Festival: Frantz made a little frown – Le Figaro

François Ozon presented in the race to the lion his new film, Frantz Pierre Niney, which will be released next Wednesday. A period film that struggles to move.

The first French film in competition at Venice, Frantz François Ozon which will be released in France on Wednesday, tells an intimate drama after the war of 14-18, as a life between two oceans Derek Cianfrance. Frantz, the young German soldier who gives the film its title is more than a name on a grave, the day after the armistice.

His bride (Paula Beer), who lives in Frantz parents to ease their despair, often just lay flowers at the cemetery. But for some time, she is no longer alone to accomplish this gesture: a stranger haunts the edge of the grave. Not only abroad, but an enemy, a French. Adrien (Pierre Niney) is as an old friend of Frantz, met in Paris before the war, and Anna introduced into the family. Frantz’s parents focus inordinately on this son of substitution, while the girl secretly falls for him. But relations that develop conceal a lie. Adrien admits to Anna before disappearing. Anna invent another lie, and will leave for France in search of Adrian.

Inspired by a novel and a play by Maurice Rostand, brought to the screen by Lubitsch Broken Lullaby (1932), the film was shot in black and François Ozon white (with some scenes in color) and German. The theme of the lie, he said, the particular interest. But despite the talent of the actors, especially the young Paula Beer, indisputable revelation, along thoughtful drama, sometimes languid, has not convinced the Mostra. The story remains unlikely, and is not animated by a burning need, as it was for the original author, pacifist.

In front of a screen, we need to believe even lie.


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